Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome The New President Of The Maple Leafs

Since the Maple Leafs seemingly can't figure out how to make the playoffs, they will bring in the master of wishy-washy from the NHL's Director of Player's Safety, Brendan Shanahan.

From Pro Hockey Talk:

Brendan Shanahan is on the verge of leaving his position as the NHL’s director of player safety to claim an executive title with the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Star’s Damien Cox reports and multiple outlets confirm.

Shanahan will leave this post (which means we might have to retire “Shanaban,” unless we just consider that a scientific term) on Friday and could join the Maple Leafs’ management team as early as this weekend, Cox reports. The exact title isn’t clear yet, but it could include the word “president” in it:

I admit that Shanahan was a great player, but I despise him due to things that he did during those days, so I hope he joins the Maple Leafs and falls flat on his face. That would be the perfect scenario to my way of thinking. 


The Huntress said...

And what qualifications does Shanahan have other than to spin the NHL's Wheel of Justice™ to determine suspension lengths?

I like Shanahan, but the Leafs are a bleeping disgrace. This is like making Dion Phaneuf head coach because he yells a lot.

Zebster said...

Could it be any worse?