Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bring on the Habs

The Bruins dispatched the Detroit Red Wings this afternoon 4-2 in game 5, obviously winning the series 4 games to 1.  So as per our blog rules -- when your team wins a playoff series, you have to blog about it -- I'm writing a little piece about how solid this team looks right now.
Give credit to the Red Wings, who in my opinion played hard and for the most part up to their potential.  But give more credit to the Bruins, who played the way the better team should play.  They played like a well-oiled machine, despite the fact they're missing Paille, Seidenberg and McQuaid.  Other than losing game one 1-0, the Bruins overmatched the Red Wings, who in particular couldn't solve Tuuka Rask, nor did they have an answer for Milan Lucic or Tory Krug.  They were the immovable object on the penalty kill and, unbelievable if you saw the Bruins a couple of years ago, the unstoppable force on the power play, scoring nearly 50% of the time.
I'll be honest, the Red Wings were the last time I wanted to play in the first round -- a seasoned team with speed and skating ability, great goaltending and being on a roll...they played as well as anyone down the stretch.  Watching the Bruins dispatch them with relative ease makes me more confident than when this thing started, especially since we're going up against arguably the other team that gives us fits.
So bring on the f'ing Habs and the greatest rivalry in the NHL.

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The Huntress said...

Eff the Habs. Bruins in six.