Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Travesty Of An Investigation

The New York Times investigated the Jameis Winston situation with a female who claims that the Heisman Trophy winner raped her. As expected, the Tallahassee PD and Florida State University didn't do their due diligence with the charge being brought up. And the worst thing is that the people that bungled the investigation and didn't report the information to the proper authorities haven't been disciplined. No one has lost a job, although some people have been told that next time this is the proper procedure.

Here is the link to the investigation and a big FU to all those authorities involved that decided they wanted to protect a star athlete. And it appears that Jameis has had other incidents with females and sexual relations with them. He has some characteristics of a sexual predator according to the reports out there. Yep, someone to be proud of having on your team and in school.


The Huntress said...

And to think it's not the most shameful thing the legal system in Florida has done in recent years.

Brent said...

That is very true. The legal system down there leaves lots to be desired.

Zebster said...

Gotta love the priorities of this world, doncha.