Sunday, April 27, 2014

Found On Twitter: Donald Sterling Reaction

Believe it or not, this is perhaps one of the tamest images and/or Tweets I found circulating on Twitter tonight. And rightfully so.

Donald Sterling has a long track record for racism, and yet only two NBA owners have spoken out against Sterling’s *alleged* comments as of this writing. Kudos to Peter Holt (Spurs) and Micky Arison (Heat) for stepping up and taking the leadership Adam Silver has not shown as of this writing.

The rest of the league? You get the Double Angry Birds salute from me.

There probably is nothing in the NBA’s constitution that will allow them to strip Sterling of the Clippers franchise, but I’d love to see him banished from the league for a very long time. The game, and the league, doesn’t need his disgraceful chardonnay sippin’, racist remarkin’, stupid ass at courtside.

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