Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Addition to Fenway 2014

This trip, as stated in a prior blog, started with Zeb's purchase of tickets to a Red Sox game. I was excited to share his love of sports, namely his love of the Red Sox with him. This being my first game there were several items on the agenda. We arrived early enough to take a stroll down Yawkey Way and visit the store for my first Red Sox t-shirt. I didn't wear it at the game but did wear it for Zeb last weekend... it fits well and I wore it out of the store! 

After a quick exit from Yawkey Way while management set up for game entrance we ate a bite for lunch at Game On! Then off to the game!
Our walk around the park would not be complete without a visit to his family's brick.  They truly
are a Red Sox family! I was told, early on in our relationship, to never speak the 'Y' word in a
favorable light... and I never have.  LOL
A few more photos of us both and off to our seats...

Once at our GREAT seats we took a selfie (not very good one)  LOL and then let the game begin!
Zeb always gets caught with an awkward expression

Zeb refreshed my memory, he taught me at a minor league game in Portland, for taking score (simplified version).  Below is a picture of the score sheets.  It helped me to understand the game a little better as well as helped me to concentrate on what was going on.  God forbid I started people watching and not get the score right.  :-)  It was great fun and wouldn't mind going again, although I was told I saw a highly active game.  The Bruins information in the background was pretty neat.  One thing I learned was the Boston fans are a unique group!

Thank you, Zeb, for a wonderful time at my first MLB game!


Zebster said...

That is an awesome T-shirt...I'm kinda jealous. You're a very good scorekeeper. We had a great time that weekend and thanks for sharing these pics. Very nice job writing it too.

The Huntress said...

I apologize for not being online as much. I blame my Fire TV and the new racing game I downloaded.

There are few things I miss about baseball, but one of them is keeping score.

Maybe I should go to a Padres game and watch the next generation of future Red Sox stars before they get "promoted" to Boston?