Sunday, May 11, 2014

Petco Park, San Diego, Friday, May 9, 2014 (A Woman's Viewpoint of a Baseball Game)

Can you tell by the photo that my husband Ted loves the Padres?  He has been a Padres fan forever!  He has season tickets, but I only go with him once or twice a season.  The decision to go to the Friday night game was made that day, and I'm so glad I decided to go because we had a great time!

We traded in our tickets to get closer to the field, and we ended up in the second row by first base next to the Padres' dugout.

Ted wanted to sit close to the field because Miami's pitcher, Fernandez, was the National League's Rookie of the Year last season.  Well, he must have had an off night because the Padres won the game 10-1.  Jedd Gyorko hit a two-run homer in the second inning.  And later in the sixth inning, the next thing you know old Jedd's a millionnaire 'cause he hit a grand slam!

The Padres pitcher, Ross, almost had a shut out, but a Marlin hit a homer in the seventh.

All in all, I picked a great game to attend because there were lots of hits and homers!  And the Padres won (and that doesn't happen too often)!  Haha! (A little humor!)

Also this weekend, Petco Park is already celebrating their tenth anniversary!  This park is really worth seeing. It is so neat and clean!  And did you know that San Diego is the craft brewery capital of the world?  Well, it is!  You can get about a dozen different craft brews at the stadium.  Ted and I had a Green Flash Pale Ale and a Mission Pale Ale.  I was worried about drinking so much beer when I had a big marathon training run the next day, but I can't go to a ballgame without having a beer -- I repeat -- I can't go to a ballgame without having a beer!


Zebster said...

During the four years I lived in Encinitas, I went to at least a dozen games at The Murph. I will get back out there again and I can't wait to see this park. Your piece makes me want to all the more. Great job as always, Jeanie.

The Huntress said...

Nice writeup!

I used to go to Qualcomm a lot back in the day, but ever since the Padres stuck it to us to pay for Petco Park while becoming the Red Sox's unofficial farm team I haven't had the desire to attend a game.

I've pretty much stopped being a baseball fan because of that.

Brent said...

Great job describing what it was like there. And I absolutely love the old time Padres jersey.

I need to get out to San Diego and see a Padres game at Petco. It looks like a beautiful park.

Unfortunately, it will not be this year. I might get to catch a Memphis Redbirds game if I get to go to training in Memphis when the baseball season is still going. Yuck, the Triple A affiliate of the Cardinals.

tpubgu said...

Great job, Jeanie! I especially liked how you even gave a piece about what beers you had. Now, what about the food? They always claimed they had the best nachos, which were pretty good the last time I was there. Anything new on the menu?