Thursday, May 08, 2014


Denny Hamlin got a well deserved win at the 2.66 mile restrictor plate track at Talledega on Sunday. Now I know plate racing is a different animal and fans have to be ready for changes NASCAR has put in place over the years in the name of safety and speed suppression. A lot of the changes are good, the return of pack racing compared to the two car draft that was in place the last few years, of which there are penalties levied if cars lock or basically touch for extended time is one I found in the whatever category. But some of the racing now appears boring now compared to the short track, mile, and mile and a half tracks. I've always loved Talledega and Daytona, but I'm starting to wonder if some of the changes are giving us an inferior product, well that is just my opinion, we will see after the race at Kansas, now back to the race on Sunday. Denny won the race on a last lap caution which some felt maybe didn't let the best win but I didn't feel that way, I think he had it and it would have taken more than a green, white checkered to change it. Greg Biffle drove a good race giving him second, Clint Bowyer is showing some speed if not wins with a third place finish, Brian Vickers and AJ Almendinger rounded out the top five. Events started early with Brad Keselowski causing a crash on the 15th lap by driving down into Danica Patrick and causing a crash that caused him and Jamie Macmurray losing ground by seven laps when they returned. Keselowski also caused another crash deep into the race on the 137th lap, this one causing problems for many drivers a few of which were wondering where Keselowski was hiding his brain by racing so hard when he was down by six laps. Now I know the opinions of some are he is a race car driver and no matter where he is on the lap board it is his job to race hard and try to get those laps back, and this writer grants this fact, as Jamie Mc. came within one lucky dog of doing just that and getting back onto the lead lap, but after watching replays,(that is why this is so late as I was watching replay after replay for this blog) I felt he was overdriving and did damage where it wasn't warranted. I give the boss his due with Kasey Kahne in the #5 coming in 8th, and Aric Almirola #43 coming in 13th. Is Jimmie Johnson in a slump? Is Tony Stewart slow? I'm going to leave you with those questions and maybe we will have some answers after the first night race this Saturday night Kansas City.


The Huntress said...

I'm bad. I slept through 2/3 of the race!

I'm still upset Jr. laid back like he did. It was almost as if he wasn't trying for the win since he's nearly guaranteed to make the chase based on winning the Daytona 500.

Anonymous said...

It is lousy for the fans when drivers use that defensive strategy. I understand the logic but drivers should race and take risks. That's what we pay them for. On the other hand, I dont like "the big one" mentality. That is for knuckle-draggers. Driver complacency is boring to watch. Jj is complacent. I think daytona and talladega are absurd formats anyway.