Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Beautiful Game

I’m not sure who did this video, but it is beautifully done. It’s hard to make me forget my Spurs heroes like George Gervin and David Robinson, but the next (almost) seven minutes make me appreciate the past seventeen years.

Enjoy this team while you can – even if ESPN/ABC refuses to broadcast them until they have no choice.

Go Spurs Go!


Zebster said...

That is an awesome brag blog and awesome vid. If the NBA in general played like that, I'd be more interested.
Still got lucky in '97...that was our pick. :)

The Huntress said...

As long as I can still tell you "Brady fumbled!" every January I'm cool with that. :-)

Zebster said...

That's a pretty good deal -- one Super Bowl trophy for four NBAs.
And Brady did fumble. I'm on record that that's the worst rule ever in pro sports.