Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 12

Well, another one of the Top 4 has gone down to defeat. This time it is Mississippi State. They should have been joined by Florida State. Can I have an investigation into the officials of the ACC, please? I swear, the Seminoles get the best calls from the officials on the field that I have ever seen. Anyways, out in PAC land, we have the resurrection of UCLA and USC as possible South division champions along with Utah and Arizona.

My Top 10: 1) Oregon 2) Alabama 3) Baylor 4) Florida State
5) Ohio State 6) TCU 7) Mississippi State 8) Mississippi
9) Michigan State 10) Georgia

Yes, playing bad against a weak team is held against you in what I think and Florida State needing help in a couple of games this year to stay undefeated does play into where I put them. When you have a bye and get rewarded for it, the field is becoming very weak. The last 3 are very flawed teams, but who else do you put there? UCLA? Utah? Kansas State? Arizona? Wisconsin? This is the problem. All the two loss teams have looked for lack of a better term unremarkable. Michigan State is probably the best out of those teams, but they didn't prove in the Ohio State game that they were on par with the Buckeyes.

Picking the two underdogs at home was a good thing. Oregon State and Arkansas pulled through. And brought me a modest 2 week winning streak. I am 14 games under .500. It is still achievable. But when I pick teams that lay eggs like Auburn did vs. Georgia, it makes it tough.

#8 Ohio State (-14) at #25 Minnesota - Ohio State held on to win this one and keep their chances of being in the Playoff alive. I believe that they are the only chance for Big 10 to have a team in those playoffs. And the Minnesota loss along with the Wisconsin win over Nebraska has the BIG 10 Western Division in total chaos again.
Ohio State 31, Minnesota 24. LOSS

#4 TCU (-28.5) at Kansas - I heard that Jumbo Fisher was whining last week about winning is the name of the game. Well, Gary Patterson did the same thing after beating a pitifully weak Jayhawks team. Neither time was it a convincing argument. Could be a deciding factor in the Horned Frogs push to be in the Top 4.
TCU 34, Kansas 30. LOSS

#1 Mississippi State (+10) at #5 Alabama - We now have the SEC fans really worried here. They are praying that the Tide takes care of Auburn and that Miss. State can beat Ole Miss. If neither can, the best that the conference can do is a two loss team and that might be Georgia. Ugh.
Mississippi State 20, Alabama 25. WIN

#9 Auburn (+2.5) at #15 Georgia - WAREAUGH! Auburn went to Georgia and got throttled. I guess Gus Malzahn can't state that his Tigers are part of the elite in college football this year. With 3 losses, apparently the college football world is figuring out the Auburn offense. And the Bulldogs are looking half way decent.
Auburn 7, Georgia 34. LOSS

#3 Florida State (-2.5) at Miami - Florida State was gift wrapped another game. Both teams were sloppy but the officials negated a catch and fumble by Florida State with under 6 minutes left and the Seminoles turned that mistake by the Zebras into the winning score. They are reminding me of Auburn last year who needed help to stay undefeated.
Florida State 30, Miami 26. WIN

#6 Arizona State at Oregon State (+7) - Arizona State didn't strike me as anything special and the only reason that they were ranked that highly is everybody keeps losing. So we picked the touchdown underdog Beavers and figured that Mike Riley would have something beside the ugly uniforms for them. I was right. Oregon State played a good game and caught the Sun Devils napping.
Arizona State 27, Oregon 35. WIN

And Finally I am going with a Bret Bielema special
#17 LSU at Arkansas (+1) - Oh Bret was in the right place. LSU coming off a depressing loss to Alabama where all of their spirit and energy came oh-so close to knocking off the Crimson Tide and then going to Arkansas where the Hogs needed to win an SEC game to validate Coach Bielema. The Hogs won the Golden Boot and Bret Bielema won his first SEC game. Congrats coach.
LSU 0, Arkansas 17. WIN

Week 12 Results:
4 Wins
3 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 57.2%
Home Record: 2-0-0
Road Record: 2-3-0
Favorites: 1-2-0
Underdogs: 2-2-0

Overall Results:

38 Wins
52 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 42.4%
Home Record: 21-25-2
Road Record: 17-27-0
Favorites: 20-40-2
Underdogs: 17-18-0 

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