Saturday, November 08, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 10

This week was ugly. 2 wins out of 7 will do that. The big thing that I learned coming out of the weekend is that Florida State, when they are motivated, is the best team out there that I have seen. The major problem for them is that the off the field distractions continue and that might cause them to stumble. As For #1 Mississippi State, I am still not completely sold on them. #3 Auburn still has major lifting to do in order to qualify for the playoffs. And finally, my choice to be the 1st playoff winner in history, Oregon is looking good at the current moment. They have had their yearly stumble and look like they are starting to peak.

My Top 10: 1) Florida State, 2) Oregon, 3) Mississippi State, 4) Michigan State, 5) Alabama, 6) TCU, 7) Auburn, 8) Kansas State, 9) Arizona State, 10) Baylor 

#2 Florida State at #25 Louisville (+5) - Louisville looked like world beaters in the 1st half of the game. The 2nd half, they might have beaten a highly ranked prep school. And now there are allegations that Jameis Winston did point shaving in the first half to help his old high school friend pick up a quick couple of G's for betting against FSU in the first half. The quicker that Winston leaves FSU, the quicker that the circus leaves town.
Florida State 42, Louisville 31. LOSS

#7 TCU at #20 West Virginia (+6) - TCU likes living on the edge. It looks like their final test is this week against Kansas State. The last second field goal vs. West Virginia and their escape vs. Baylor reminds me of Auburn of last year.
TCU 31, West Virginia 30. WIN

#3 Auburn (+1) at #4 Mississippi - The Tigers held on to this win. The score was higher than anticipated and the result of this game knocked the Rebels out of the playoff picture. Right now, the SEC has two teams in the playoffs if the season ended today. Auburn is one of them. But they still have to face the Crimson Tide. That game is looming large.
Auburn 35, Mississippi 31. WIN

Arkansas at #1 Mississippi State (-11) - The Hogs played well this game. They just came up short. The Bulldogs are still undefeated but they are still in danger of being upset in the coming weeks. I wonder if the Razorbacks will endure another winless season in the SEC and if the current administration will allow Bielema to stay if they do go winless.
Arkansas 10, Mississippi State 17. LOSS

Stanford (+8) at #5 Oregon - Of course when I don't pick Oregon to roll over their opponent because of history they come out and dominate. They are the #4 team in the playoffs currently. I can see them winning the rest of their games and being one of the final two teams playing for the title.
Stanford 16, Oregon 45. LOSS

Oklahoma State (+14) at #9 Kansas State - Kansas State plays a conservative game and has a real good defense. The offense is starting to pull their own weight and they could be the Big 12 Champion. TCU is next and if not for a bad night vs. Auburn, the Wildcats would be looking at a possible undefeated season.
Oklahoma State 14, Kansas State 48. LOSS

#10 Notre Dame (-14.5) at Navy - Notre Dame has not impressed me with any of their wins. How do you let North Carolina score over 40 points on you and allow Navy to score 38? I believe that another team that can play good defense like Florida State would cause a loss for Notre Dame. I can't believe that people want them to be considered in the Top 5.
Notre Dame 49, Navy 39. LOSS

Week 10 Results:
2 Wins
5 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 28.6%
Home Record: 1-2-0
Road Record: 1-3-0
Favorites: 0-2-0
Underdogs: 2-3-0

Overall Results:
28 Wins
47 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 37.7%
Home Record: 17-24-2
Road Record: 11-23-0
Favorites: 15-37-2
Underdogs: 13-15-0 

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