Thursday, November 27, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 13

This week had a few major games, but was headlined by SEC teams playing cupcake teams that they scoff at when anybody else plays them. Florida State escaped by the skin of their teeth yet again and we found out that a player can push an official out of the way and the ACC says that the player was in the right. And we found out that even though Marshall is undefeated, they aren't even the highest ranked Group of Five team in the land. That belongs to the 2 loss Boise State Broncos. And in the SEC, Missouri is close to repeating as SEC East Champions. If that happens, you just shake your head.

A 6-3 record last week. I am now 11 games under .500. Probably not going to make it, but I am going to try to get as close as I can before my bowl bonanza picks.

My Top 10: 1) Oregon 2) Alabama 3) Baylor 4) Florida State
5) Ohio State 6) TCU 7) Mississippi State 8) Michigan State 9) Georgia 10) UCLA 

Charleston Southern at #10 Georgia (NL) - The SEC had some major victories this past week. Sort of like this Georgia win over Charleston Southern. This is a way to ensure that the teams are semi-fresh for the final push.
Charleston Southern 6, Georgia 55 WIN

Indiana (+35.5) at #6 Ohio State - At least in the Big 10, they play their conference foes during November instead of cupcakes. Ohio State wasn't as dominant as everybody thought, but still won the game.
Indiana 27, Ohio State 42. WIN

Boston College at #3 Florida State (-17) - I am hoping against all hope that Florida beats the Seminoles next week. I am tired of all the favoritism that Florida State receives from the ACC and the officials. I am sorry, but Winston deserved to be thrown out of the game against BC. And have you noticed that the close games are usually at home for Florida State?
Boston College 17, Florida State 20. LOSS

#8 Mississippi at Arkansas (+3.5) - The offensive line at Arkansas is a major plus. I am expecting that the Hogs win out this season including their bowl game. Mississippi needs to figure out how to stop their slide in the Egg Bowl vs. State.
Mississippi 0, Arkansas 30. WIN

Western Carolina at #1 Alabama (NL) - Another snoozer featuring a D-II program and the SEC.
Western Carolina 14, Alabama 49. WIN

Colorado at #2 Oregon (-32.5) - The Ducks look like they might be able to make the playoffs. They already had their one stumble. Beating up on the Buffs isn't impressive, but the Civil War is fast approaching.
Colorado 10, Oregon 44. WIN

Oklahoma State at #7 Baylor (-29.5) - Baylor keeps on scoring points. The bad thing, the defense doesn't stop the opponent from scoring points. If Baylor does make the playoffs, the defense will be their downfall.
Oklahoma State 28, Baylor 49. LOSS

Vanderbilt at #4 Mississippi State (-30.5) - The Bulldogs ran the score up on the hapless Commodores. Mississippi State is holding on to that #4 ranking in the committees mind. They might not have a chance to play in their championship game and that might eliminate them.
Vanderbilt 0, Mississippi State 51. WIN

#19 USC (+4) at #9 UCLA- The Bruins have come together as a team and look like they could come close to what was predicted at the start of the season. Now to get out of the crowded PAC-12 South.

Week 13 Results:
6 Wins
3 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 66.7%
Home Record: 5-2-0
Road Record: 1-1-0
Favorites: 4-2-0
Underdogs: 2-1-0

Overall Results:

44 Wins
55 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 44.6%
Home Record: 26-27-2
Road Record: 18-28-0
Favorites: 24-42-2
Underdogs: 19-19-0 

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