Monday, November 17, 2014

Taking A Long Walk Off A Short Plank

At 3-7, it is going to be another losing season for the Washington D.C. Football franchise
For the 2nd time this NFL season, I have been challenged because my team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played the favorite team of another member of the message board. And I am 2-0 in those challenges. The Bucs went into Pittsburgh and proved that the Steelers were just a rusted curtain. Then this past week, we go into Washington and show that the feathers on the logo should be painted pure yellow because there was no fight back coming from Daniel Snyder's favorite team.

The sad thing about this game is that the Buccaneers didn't even use their best QB. We played Josh McCown who should be the backup with the way that he has played this year. But Lovie is being stubborn again. Mike Evans went off for over 200 yards in receiving against Washington. McCown threw for less than 300 yards, so you would think that sometime after half, the Washington team would figure out that #13 of the Buccaneers might need to be covered more closely. Apparently that was a foreign concept.

The Bucs defense caused many problems for the Washington offense. 6 sacks. 2 Interceptions and a defensive TD. Man, if we played this game 10 times, the Bucs would win 8 or 9 of those games. We are starting to see Tampa starting to come together as a team. The offensive line isn't great, isn't even good, but the team did a good enough job against an average Washington defense.

I say good luck to the Washington team because your QB is way overrated. The receivers don't do enough to help the QB. The offensive line looks bad. And let's not talk about the defense. The owner is a putz who likes picking fights over some things that are so stupid. The nickname being the most talked about one. Change the nickname and go after making as much money as you can.

As for the Bucs, we are 2 games out of 1st place in the NFC South. We can still win the division. We have the building blocks of a great defense. The offense needs a QB to guide it (Glennon, anyone). I am still not sold on Lovie being the coach that will get us to the promised land.

We proved on Fed Ex field, that the team that has pewter in their color scheme was the better team. Any true Bucs fan does not like the Washington franchise and there is lots of partying for the victory. Now it is time to stop hoping that we can beat the dregs of the NFL and move up to possible playoff teams and start beating them. Beat us while we are down. We showed that we can beat the bad teams and teams that overlook us. Now it is time to start beating others and take our rightful place on top of the NFC South for years to come.


Hun†ress said...

Wait. A 4-6 record can lead the NFC South? Yes, I had to look that one up.

I'd laugh my ass off if a 7-9 record wins the division.

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Brent said...

A 6-10 record winning this division is possible.