Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks Results - Week 11

The playoff race was sure shaken up when Auburn went down in flames to an unranked Texas A&M team.  Florida State looks like they are playing down to their competition. Only a 14 point win vs. Virginia?! And TCU could lose their Top 4 ranking and not lose another game if Baylor runs the table. Oregon looked like zombies during the first part of their game and The Big 10 hopes took a hit when the Buckeyes beat up on Sparty. The 4 team playoff has people politicking all throughout the land. And I would laugh if the SEC West champion lose in Atlanta to the SEC East champion because then I could point and say that the SEC is just like the rest of the conferences. They cannibalize each other. And then I would also point out that the SEC doesn't like scheduling their teams to head north when the weather might be below 60 to 70 degrees.

A 6-2 week put the winning percentage north of 41 this week. And if I have a winning week next week when I pick underdogs, I will be at 50% at the very least. Told ya I was going to rebound after a horrible start to the season.

My Top 10: 1) Oregon, 2) Florida State, 3) Mississippi State, 4) Alabama, 5) TCU, 6) Baylor, 7) Arizona State, 8) Ohio State, 9) Nebraska, 10) Auburn  

Texas A&M (+23.5) at #3 Auburn - I never thought that the Aggies could beat the Tigers. But they did and now the fans of the SEC are starting to genuinely worry about possibly not getting 2 teams into the national playoffs.
Texas A&M 41, Auburn 38. WIN

#10 Notre Dame at #9 Arizona State (-2.5) - Half of America either cheered or cried when this game was over. That is how much Notre Dame polarizes the college football world. For myself, I was cheering, but I don't see Arizona State beating ORegon if they do win the PAC-12 South.
Notre Dame 31, Arizona State 55. WIN

UTM at #1 Mississippi State (NL) - Mississippi State scheduled a bye week in the middle of the home stretch and it might pay off for them. Don't look now, but here comes Alabama and the wise guy pick to win the national championship.
UTM 16, Mississippi State 45. WIN

Virginia (+20.5) at #2 Florida State - I have said that when Florida State is on, they are the best team in the land. But yet, it seems that Seminole land is full of thugs and players that can't figure out how to stay on the right side of the law. Yet again, we have reports of FSU players getting preferential treatment from the Tallahassee PD. Remember the Catholics vs. Convicts game from the 80's when Notre Dame and Miami played? This year's game was won by the convicts when Notre Dame fell in Tallahassee.
Virginia 20, Florida State 34. WIN

#7 Kansas State (+6) at #6 TCU - TCU continues to march on in their pursuit of making the playoffs and winning the Big 12. Unfortunately, they lost to Baylor who if they get by K-State will win the conference because of the head to head matchup. I can't get a read on how good the Horned Frogs are, but they just continue to win.
Kansas State 20, TCU 41. LOSS

#14 Ohio State at #8 Michigan State (-3.5) - I was riding the Sparty wave and it came crashing down in this game. Ohio State came and destroyed the Spartans. I think that in the inaugural season of the college football playoffs that the Big 10 will not have a team in it.
Ohio State 49, Michigan State 37. LOSS

#5 Alabama (-6.5) at #16 LSU - Alabama left Baton Rouge with an overtime victory that they have to feel extremely lucky about. I am torn about this Alabama team, sometimes they show that they are one of the best teams in the land and then others they sort of squeak by. I still think they win the SEC, but it would not surprise me at all if they lay a clunker against Mississippi State.
Alabama 20, LSU 13. WIN

#4 Oregon (-8) at #17 Utah - The Utes were playing the game they needed to in order to beat the Ducks until a Wide Receiver decided to celebrate on the 1 yard line and dropped the ball. And you have to like the ducks secondary. They let a couple of Utes run by before picking up the football and taking the ball back for the touchdown at the end of the play. That caused the Ducks to wake up and play with much more enthusiasm.
Oregon 51, Utah 27. WIN

Week 11 Results:
6 Wins
2 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 75.0%
Home Record: 2-1-0
Road Record: 4-1-0
Favorites: 4-1-0
Underdogs: 2-1-0

Overall Results:
34 Wins
49 Losses
2 Ties
Winning Percentage: 41.2%
Home Record: 19-25-2
Road Record: 15-24-0
Favorites: 19-38-2
Underdogs: 15-16-0 

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