Monday, December 13, 2010

The Firing Line

I haven't had a rant about things that have irritated me over the past month or 2 about sports.  So I decided that after 2 incidents this past weekend that had me wanting having people get their jobs taken away, that I would post about it.

Person That Should Be Fired:  Jets Assistant Coach Sal Alosi.

The game of football is brutal and you need to keep a constant watch out for cheapshots that happen each and every game.  However, you shouldn't have to watch out for an Assistant coach on the sideline making knee-on-knee contact and possibly destroying your NFL career.  But that is exactly what happened to Dolphins Cornerback Nolan Carroll.  He was covering a punt, the 2 Jets defenders pushed him out of bounds and then the Assistant stuck his leg out to trip Carroll.  He should have been fired on Sunday night and while the NFL cannot fire him, they should suspend him for 20 games and also fine the Jets $750,000.  Might get lots of people's attention and make it known that this is not acceptable behavior from the word go.

Group That Should Be Fired:  Chain Gang From the Bucs-Redskins Football game. 

This piece of cheating almost cost the Buccaneers a victory on Sunday.  The person that had the 1st Down marker instead of extending the chains all the way, went 1 yard short.  So the Redskins achieved a 1st Down when on a 1st Down play they got 9 yards.  And the NFL is complicit in this as well.  They are saying that nothing went wrong.  Well, to the NFL and the employers of the chain gang.  Bite me.  They tried to cheat the visiting team out of a victory.  That is not acceptable.

Person That Should Be Fired:  Ed Wade

God, if I wasn't such a big Astros fan, I would be a free agent with all the mistakes that Ed Wade has made with the roster of the Astros.  I shook my head when he was made GM by Drayton McLane.  And now look at the roster that he has.  Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence are the top stars.  Michael Bourn might develop into a good leadoff player, but the infield and Pitching is in shambles.  Brett Wallace at 1st?  Manzella or Sanchez at SS?  Chris Johnson at 3B and 4 possibilities at 2B.  Nice to see that we are non-players in the Free agent market.  And after Wandy Rodriguez, the starting staff is suspect at best.   Wade should be fired and bring in a President of Baseball Operations that will hire a GM that actually knows what they are doing, before we become the Pittsburgh Pirates.

People That Should Be Fired:  NCAA President Mark Emmert, SEC Commissioner Mike Silve, Auburn AD Jay Jacobs, and Auburn Coach Gene Chizik.

All for the Cam Newton fiasco which is currently ongoing.  Emmert for not requiring the SEC to follow their own bylaws.  Silve and the Auburn poeple for not abiding by the SEC bylaws.  See the post that I did about this here.

Person That Should Be Fired:  Hurricanes GM Jim Rutherford.

This is the hardest one on my list.  He made shrewd moves in the past and actually got the Hurricanes a Stanley Cup.  But now look at what the product has become over the past 3 years.  We either have no shot at the playoffs or barely squeak in.  And the surprise run to the Eastern Conference finals against the Flyers a few years ago was more luck than anything.  We have a legitimate superstar in Eric Staal and a Stanley Cup winning Goalie in Cam Ward, but there has been very little other help that we have received.  The young players still need seasoning and the veterans that they have brought in on the cheap haven't helped.  I respect Mr. Rutherford for his accomplishments, but the time has come for the Hurricanes to have a new captain in the Front Office.


R.J. said...

I hear you on the Astros front, but unlike my team you can actually name your starters. I have no idea who will be in the Opening Day lineup here in San Diego. You could field the AAA team from Portland, OR and I wouldn't know the difference.

I agree with everything else.

Brent said...

The sad thing is that I can name the starters and I believe that 3 belong in AAA and 2 deserve to be in AA.

Yes, it does suck being a Padres fan. Because they are one of those teams that try to win without a over $100 Million payroll.