Thursday, December 23, 2010

Week 16 NFL Predictions and Week 15 Results

Carolina at Pittsburgh (-12):  I cannot see taking the worst team in the NFL against one of it's elite franchises.

Dallas (-6.5) at Arizona:  Dallas is rolling this last part of the season.  To tell you how bad Arizona is this year, they have been eliminated from the NFC West.

New England (-9) at Buffalo:  The way that the Patriots played against the Packers, look for Belichick to ensure that the Bills get blown out early and the accelerator will not be let up on.

NY Jets at Chicago (-1):  The Jets have had distraction after distraction and Mark Sanchez is having problems with his throwing shoulder.  I'll take the Bears and that defense.

Baltimore (-3.5) at Cleveland:  The Ravens will know that they need to win to keep the AFC North title hopes alive.  Watch for the Defense to show up.

Washington at Jacksonville (-8):  Does Mike Shanahan know that he isn't a god?  The McNabb and Haynesworth fiascos have continued to tarnish his reputation.  The Redskins aren't a good enough team to play well with those distractions.

Tennessee (+5) at Kansas City:  I can see a real close game here.  The Titans might not win, but they will keep it close.

Detroit (+3) at Miami:  The Phins have been eliminated from the playoffs.  Look for the Lions to legitimately win a road game this year.

San Francisco (+1.5) at St Louis:  The 49ers have the better talent out of these two teams.  The pressure of playing for the Division might be too much for the Rams.

Houston (-2.5) at Denver:  Houston isn't a good team, but they are better than the Broncos, who look like they have regressed in the 2 games since McDaniels was fired.

Indianapolis (-3) at Oakland:  The Colts can taste the Division title that is out there waiting for them to grab it.  Watch them dissect the Raiders defense.

San Diego (-9) at Cincinnati:  The Bengals are self-destructing.  TO and Ochocinco have thrown Marvin Lewis under the bus.  The natives in the Jungle are restless and this will only fuel their lust for new blood.

Seattle at Tampa Bay (-7):  The Bucs are furious about having the game stolen from them last week with the phantom Pass Interference call on Kellen Winslow.  The Seahawks aren't a road warrior type of team.  Bucs big.

NY Giants at Green Bay (-2.5):  Aaron Rodgers is back for the Pack.  And who knows how the Giants respond to the choke job against the Eagles last week.  I'll take the home team and watch for the thin ice under Tom Coughlin.

Minnesota at Philadelphia (-15.5):  I see a 30 point victory by the Eagles.  And revenge will be the incentive.  Brad Childress and Andy Reid are great friends.  I'm sure that Reid thinks that Chilly got a raw deal in Minnesota this year, so he will go for the jugular.  I also predict that the Vikings quit by the middle of the 2nd Quarter.

New Orleans at Atlanta (-1):  I will take Matt Ryan and his record in Atlanta against anybody.  It will be close and nasty, but give me the Dirty Birds and they clinch the NFC South.

Record For Week 15: 62.5% Winning Percentage

Overall: 10-6 Favorites: 8-3. Road Favorites: 3-0. Home Favorites: 5-3. Underdogs: 2-3. Road Underdogs: 1-3. Home Underdogs: 1-0.

Season:  56.7% Winning Percentage

Overall Record: 125-95-3. Favorites: 83-70-2. Road Favorites: 40-25-2. Home Favorites: 43-45. Underdogs: 43-25-1. Road Underdogs: 28-20-1. Home Underdogs: 16-5.


R.J. said...

I'm skeptical about the Raiders and Chargers games because of the weather. Everyone knows the Colts can't play outdoors in the rain. The Chargers? They're going to be cold outside.

Brent said...

I would put my confidence in the Chargers at 90%. The Bungals aren't even a bad team. They stink.