Monday, December 20, 2010

Long, Cold Winter in Packerland

I had the feeling that instead of a "Pats Are the Greatest" blog entry, I was going to write a "Fire McCarthy" entry. Two pivotal play was Flynn's pick-six where no one could tackle Arrington; and, of course, Connolly's 71-yard return near the end of the 1st half in which the Pats were able to convert and cut the lead to 17-14 at half-time. Tackle the fucker, Peprah, and don't let him rumble on for another 30 yards.

Yeah, this was Flynn's first start basically as a third year rookie, but he held on to the ball too long on those sacks. I blame McCarthy because they had the Pat's defense tired and being shredded with the ground game, and instead they throw the ball, get sacked, incompletions, and give the ball back to Brady. Then, instead of putting pressure on Brady, they sit back and allow him all day to make completions -- UUgghhh. And then, when you got 1st and goal at the 2, why line up Kuhn as the fullback and give him dive calls and then allow the corner to come in and make the play?

So I so during the game, the terrible talking heads said something about Belichick being in his 11th year of coaching the Pats and McCarthy being in his 5th. How many rings did Belichick have after 5 years? I bet you a lot more than McCarthy at the same time. McCarthy can't win the close ones. Did you see the stat about since 2008 that the Pack is the worst at loses of 8 pts or less with zero wins this season? He needs to go. Ahhh, stop me before I puke.

The Pack need to win out their last two games to make it to the playoffs. I seriously doubt that, and that will make it a long, cold winter in Packerland.


R.J. said...

I hear you. The only way my Raiders will make the playoffs will be if the Chiefs lose their remaining two games, the Chargers lose one game and the Raiders win out.

The problem? The Chargers play the Bengals and Broncos on the road. I don't think the cold weather will make a difference.

Zebster said...

Rick, my take is that the Packers, a less talented and certainly depleted team, outplayed the Pats. Were the Pats flat at times? Yeah but that doesn't take away from the above comment. McCarthy's game plan gave them a chance, a very good chance, a chance no one thought they'd have. I can make similar comments, and have, about The Hoodie's play calling at times but he's still a great coach. The Packers play hard all the time and smart most of the time.