Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 15 NFL Predictions and Week 14 Results

San Francisco at San Diego (-10):  I will take my chances on giving double digits to the 49ers based on the Chargers MO over the past years.

New Orleans (+1) at Baltimore:  The ravens defense has given up too many scoring drives and let teams back into games.  The Saints are 10-3 and the defending Super Bowl Champions.  They know how to play against good teams on the road.

Arizona at Carolina (-2.5):  All the numbers point to Arizona.  But I'm playing a hunch that Steve Smith calling out Jimmy Clausen last week will have the Panthers in a feisty mood.

Cleveland (+1.5) at Cincinnati:  If the Browns do fire Eric Mangini after this year, it will be without cause.  The Browns roster stinks and Mike Holmgren is showing why he was a failure in Seattle as a GM.

Washington at Dallas (+7):  Even a 5th Down couldn't get the Redskins a victory last week.  Now they play Dallas who is looking like the team we thought they would be at the beginning of the year.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis (-4.5):  The Jags are playing over their heads and the Colts are slumming this year.  It doesn't matter in this game though.  Watch for Manning to have a great day throwing the ball against the Jags secondary.

Buffalo (+5) at Miami:  The Dolphins season is essentially over now.  The Bills are fighting for respectability.  I can see the Bills going home with a straight out victory here.

Philadelphia at NY Giants (-2):  Both teams need this win badly.  The Eagles a little more than the Giants.  But the talent is better on the Blue sideline than the Green.  Look for the running game of the Giants to power this win.

Kansas City at St. Louis (NL):  No lines because of the uncertainty of Mat Cassel.  I say that he plays and the Chiefs regain the swagger that was missing last week in San Diego.

Detroit at Tampa Bay (-5.5):  The Lions have a Defensive Line and skill positions working for them.  It won't be enough against the Bucs that are on a Race to 10 that might not be enough to get them into the playoffs.

Houston (+1) at Tennessee:  It is starting to look like Jeff Fisher is losing the team and the support of his owner.  I don't like a team that gives up on their coach to do much.

Atlanta (-7) at Seattle:  I am going against my gut on this one and going with conventional wisdom.  Seattle usually plays well at home and the Falcons aren't great on the road.

Denver at Oakland (-7):  The Raiders offense looks good.  Now if the defense could do something, the Raiders would be in business.  The Broncos have quit and it is easy to see on the field.

NY Jets at Pittsburgh (-5.5):  It is starting to look like Matt Sanchez will be the second coming of Carson Palmer.  And that isn't a good thing.  Meanwhile the Steelers continue to roll down their schedule.

Green Bay at New England (NL):  The only question is how many points do the Packers give up.  If it is over 7, then they lose.  And I think that it will be more than 7.

Chicago at Minnesota (NL):  Take any Minnesota QB and have them face the Bears.  Not a good picture for the Purple.  The Monsters of the Midway might have the Division wrapped up after this week.

Record For Week 14: 62.5% Winning Percentage

Overall: 10-6 Favorites: 9-5. Road Favorites: 4-4. Home Favorites: 5-1. Underdogs: 1-1. Road Underdogs: 0-1. Home Underdogs: 1-0.

Season:  56.3% Winning Percentage

Overall Record: 115-89-3. Favorites: 75-67-2. Road Favorites: 37-25-2. Home Favorites: 38-42. Underdogs: 41-22-1. Road Underdogs: 27-17-1. Home Underdogs: 15-5.

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