Saturday, December 04, 2010

Nazem Kadri Has Magic Hands, And So Does Tim Thomas

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is not only having an MVP-type season, but he may end up with one of the best seasons a goalie has ever had in my lifetime. In what would be a great effort for most goalies, Thomas had a minor hiccup and gave up two goals in regulation against the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.

After a ho-hum overtime period, both teams went to a shootout to determine the winner. Leafs rookie/superstar in training Nazem Kadri showed us what Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry meant when he said Kadri has “magic hands”.

That is one sick goal on a top flight goalie. To be fair, you *must* see this save Thomas made on Francois Beauchemin in overtime that I doubt any other NHL goalie would have made.

That was incredible! Great game by both teams.

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Zebster said...

Since I watched it live, I don't need to see the clip to know what you mean -- lightning fast hands and puck control but I will watch it again. Another thing that was great was that the next shooter was Boston's young superstar in training Tyler Seguin (thanks Leafs), who in his own way showed his promising skills. The Leafs outplayed the Bruins last night, except for the aforementioned Mr. Thomas. Conversation can be followed on our msg brd.