Friday, March 18, 2011

The East Coast Bias™ Busted My Bracket

2011 NCAA Final FourIt was the first day of the 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament and one of my four brackets has already been busted. I was foolish enough to pick St. John’s to go to the Final Four. After all, St. John’s finished in third place in the much superior Big East Conference. They should be a safe pick to knock off Pittsburgh in the Elite Eight, right?

Wrong. Once again the East Coast Bias™ is just that, a bias not based on fact. St John’s lost by fifteen to Gonzaga, the same team that my alma mater San Diego State beat on their home court 79-76 back in November.

Pardon me for this outburst but the East Coast Bias™ can (censored). The Big East is so overrated as a national power. How can a team with eleven losses be the eighteenth ranked team in the nation? Can anyone out there justify this lofty ranking? How about Louisville? They got knocked off by 13th seed Morehead State.

As for San Diego State I can walk proud. My Aztecs took care of business against Northern Colorado, beating them 68-50. SDSU let Northern Colorado get within three points early in the second half before they beat them like a dirty rug, just like they beat up on Jimmer Fredette and BYU last weekend and just about every opponent they faced during the regular season.

The Aztecs take on Temple Saturday and if they win they’ll likely face Connecticut in the Sweet Sixteen.

As for the Big East, I expect more of those “great” teams to fall in the coming days.


Brent said...

Don't feel bad. My representative out of the Southeast is gone because they couldn't play in the 1st half against UCLA. Damn you, Michigan State!

Zebster said...

I was going to write a blog post (nee rant) but I thought better of it last weekend. What I saw was a lot of bad coaching leading to good teams losing close games, and don't get me started on the 3-pointer.