Saturday, March 19, 2011

A New, Disturbing Trend In Sports Blogging

Forgive me for venting but I’m seeing a disturbing trend in sports blogging.

Earlier this week the Washington Redskins, with nothing better to do than sue reporters that dare tell the truth about owner Daniel Snyder, made The Washington Post remove the name Redskins from their “Redskins Insider” blog that follows the team. The blog is now called “Football Insider”. The Montreal Canadiens, who are equal with the Redskins when it comes to churlish behavior, made The Montreal Gazette change the name of its “Habs Inside/Out” blog to “Hockey Inside/Out” on Friday.

Are you kidding me?

It’s too bad I don’t write for either of those newspapers or else I’d change the name of the Football Insider blog to something like Snyder’s Next Tantrum, or better yet Racial Slurs Insider so anyone reading it would know which team they were following.

For the Habs, it could be much worse. How about blog names like A Pain in Pacioretty’s Neck? Or because of the shape of the Habs logo, Who Left The Toilet Seat Up?

Heaven forbid the Boston Red Sox ever demand the owner of this blog to change the name due to copyright infringement. First, I’m sure the owner of this blog would do it to comply with their wishes if it ever happened but unlike newspaper-run blogs I won’t stop at calling the blog “Baseball Tavern” to appease them.

I’d likely suggest a catchy blog name like Up Robbie Fowler’s Nose to take a jab at Liverpool.

Or better yet, if the Red Sox stumble out of the gate and the San Diego Padres pick up where they left off last season I’ll make jokes about the Red Sox unofficial AAA team outplaying them.

Hopefully it will never come to that.

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Zebster said...

Well said, RJ. I think the Sox owners are too smart for such nonsense, plus BoSox I believe is a term in the public domain. But just in case, maybe later we should have a contest to pick a sarcastic new name.