Sunday, March 06, 2011

Liverpool v Manchester United

The combination of John Henry and Tom Werner (Boston Red Sox) buying the Liverpool Football Club, an increasing interest in soccer cultivated over the last few World Cups and the fact that my buddy Rick is a big fan of Manchester United, I've found myself wanting to know more about the English Premier League and watching some of Liverpool's matches, to the point where I've decided to be a fan of Liverpool.  Since Manchester United was coming to Anfield today to play Liverpool, I decided to boldly challenge Rick to a blog challenge; but I did it backwards.  I figured since ManU is the better team and Rick knows much more about this stuff than I do, I should make the challenge such that he would have to write the blog post; ie, winner boasts about their team winning, as opposed to the usual loser posting about the winner.
Well, that backfired on me as Liverpool dominated play and easily beat ManU today 3-1, the lone Manchester goal coming in extended time long after the match was decided.  So here I sit trying to write something intelligent about a sport I know very little about.
I'm also at a disadvantage because no embed videos are yet available from this match, so that you'd be able to see the great dribbling play by Luis Suarez (Fernando Torres who?) around three defenders in tight to the goal to set up the first goal of the game and the first goal of Dirk Kuyt's hat trick, instead of me trying to describe it to you.  If I saw play like this every time I watched a match, I would quickly become a fan of the game.
I will say this:  I enjoyed the game very much, doing in large part obviously to the fact that my team dominated from the outset; if you get a chance to see highlights of this match, I urge you to do so; and hey Rick, you didn't see that coming, did ya?  I expect to see a crow-eating comment to this post.


R.J. said...

I missed Arsenal's draw yesterday. They're still three points behind Man U in the standings.

tpubgu said...

I was unable to watch the game because my wife was doing some work at home at the same time the match was on. Probably a good thing since I may have tried to see if my CPU would make a frisbee. I did, however, follow the scroll on UK Yahoo Sports.

Flat, flat, flat is all I can say about how ManU played. They lost earlier in the week to Chelsea and now this. Disappointing. What I saw is Liverpool out-played, and out-hustled ManU.

Good news, ManU's still in 1st with Liverpool in 6th. Bad news, they only lead the league by 3 points and now Arsenal has a game in hand and could tie, and I think there's only like 9 or 10 games left in the season.