Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Night of Hockey with my Boys...

...and my youngest son's new girlfriend.

The game was Portland Pirates vs Charlotte Checkers and final score 5-4 Charlotte. I have only been to a handful of hockey games but enjoy live sports... who wouldn't! The fighting is a bit much at times but am told it is part of the game. Spending time with my sons is always THE BEST!!!

The venue, Cumberland County Civic Center, is small enough so every seat is a good one which helps with the enjoyment of the game. We enjoyed doing the YMCA dance in our seats, trying to convince the half-dressed, cute girl to throw a t-shirt our way, tried to be crazy enough to get the camera to put us on the big screen (which did not happen) and eating greasy, cheesy, fattening food. TOO much fun! I recommend any family or group of friends to give a game a try instead of a movie... but be warned you might get hooked!

Back to the game... the players are young and talented. The game is slow enough for a novice to keep up but fast enough to not be boring. I felt bad for the visiting team, from Charlotte NC, because there was no one clapping or giving a yell when they scored.

We didn't get our free fries from McDonald's because our team did not score five points, bummer.

I highly recommend checking out your local farm league for whatever sport(s) you enjoy... it is a great deal financially and loads of fun for family/friends.

I would love to hear your experience, please share!


R.J. said...

I miss minor league hockey. I'm contemplating a trip to the Inland Empire to catch the ECHL's Ontario Reign next season. The one thing that's stopping me is that gas alone would cost me about $50.

I'm glad you and the family had a great time. It's always fun to go with friends to sporing events.

Zebster said...

Glad you guys had a great time. Maybe we can see the Maineacs play a playoff game next Friday. Great post and pics.