Friday, September 21, 2012

10 College Football Predictions - Week 4

Holy Smokes.  This year, I am picking horribly.  How can you look at USC and say that they will lose to Stanford without Andrew Luck?  How can you pick Pittsburgh over Virginia Tech when Pitt has looked like a horrible High School team?  I am continuing with the picks, but right now it might behoove you to go against the picks.  That way, you might get a .500 week.

1.  California (+15.5) at USC.  This is a sucker pick.  USC coming off a loss to Stanford and Cal playing tough and probably should have won at Ohio State.  Everything screams that USC will come out and destroy the Golden Bears.  I don't see it.  The lack of depth for the Trojans is starting to show.
     Score:  USC 33, California 28
     Actual Score:  USC 27, California 9   LOSS

2.  LSU (-20.5) at Auburn.  Gene Chizick hasn't done a great job with keeping the Auburn Tigers relevant after winning a national title with Cam Newton.  In fact, they might not be in the top half of the SEC anymore. 
     Score:  LSU 47, Auburn 21
     Actual Score:  LSU 12, Auburn 10     LOSS

3.  Southern Mississippi at Western Kentucky (-3.5).  The Hilltoppers are an up and coming power in the Sun Belt.  They should be able to handle Southern Miss.
     Score:  Western Kentucky 31, Southern Mississippi 21
     Actual Score:  Western Kentucky 42, Southern Mississippi 17     WIN

4.  Michigan (+6) at Notre Dame.  The Golden Domers have been hot.  They are riding on top of the world.  I can see them loving the world patting them on their back and overlooking a game or two.  This is one that I think that they will do that with.
     Score:  Notre Dame 27, Michigan 25
     Actual Score:  Notre Dame 13, Michigan 6     LOSS

5.  Kansas State at Oklahoma (-16.5).  K-State is a football team that have the never say die attitude.  But that won't be enough against what is the best team in the Big 12 by far.  Look for Oklahoma to call off the dogs in the 4th Quarter.
     Score:  Oklahoma 51, Kansas State 31
     Actual Score:  Kansas State 24, Oklahoma 19     LOSS

6.  Clemson at Florida State (-14.5).  Jumbo Fisher has the Seminoles looking like they are serious contenders for a National Title.  I don't think that Clemson has the horses on defense to stop this Seminole attack.
     Score:  Florida State 38, Clemson 21
     Actual Score:  Florida State 49, Clemson 37     LOSS

7.  Syracuse (-1) at Minnesota.  Syracuse has a no huddle pass happy offense that will stretch the Gophers defense and score at least 27 on Minnesota.  I'm not sure that the Golden Gophers can keep up with that score.
     Score:  Syracuse 41, Minnesota 27
     Actual Score:  Minnesota 17, Syracuse 10     LOSS

8.  Arizona at Oregon (-21.5).  Oh my, look at what Rich Rod is doing in the desert.  The Wildcats are showing signs of resurrection.  Even though Arizona put up a 50-burger on Oklahoma State, the Ducks defense is stiffer and the offense is just as explosive at the Cowboys.  Arizona is coming, but it isn't ready to beat the class of the Pac-12.
     Score:  Oregon 48, Arizona 17
     Actual Score:  Oregon 49, Arizona 0     WIN

9.  Wyoming at Idaho (-2.5).  These two teams are annually the bottom feeders of their respective leagues.  This should be a close game but I have the Vandals pulling it out in the 4th Quarter.
     Score:  Idaho 24, Wyoming 20
     Actual Score:  Wyoming 40, Idaho 37 (OT)     LOSS

10.  Kansas (+8.5) at Northern Illinois.  Charlie Weis is having a first year at Kansas that he would like to forget.  The Huskies will win this game, but their offense won't overpower the Jayhawks defense.
     Score:  Northern Illinois 24, Kansas, 19
     Actual Score:  Northern Illinois 30, Kansas 23     WIN

Bonus Pick:
Missouri at South Carolina (-10.5).  The Old Ball Coach has found his offense for the Gamecocks.  Missouri is looking like the teams that underachieved when they were in the Big 12.
     Score:  South Carolina 38, Missouri 24
     Actual Score:  South Carolina 31, Missouri 10     WIN

Last Week Results:

Overall: 3-7
Road Favorite: 1-2
Road Underdog: 1-1
Home Favorite:  1-3
Home Underdog: 0-1

Yearly Record:

Overall: 12-19
Road Favorite:  3-7
Road Underdog:  4-4
Home Favorite:  4-5
Home Underdog: 1-3

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