Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BoSox Tavern Weekly NFL "Pick 'EM" Challenge (Week 3)

CONGRATULATIONS to George—(hey, that’s me! (Yea!))—for being our BoSox Tavern NFL “Pick ‘Em” Week 3 Champion, with 8 wins.  This win come as a result of a tie with Zeb who also scored 8 wins, but George’s total score (33) comes closest to the final totals score (26) than Zeb’s guess of 43 pts.  So, the golden ring goes to me, but Zeb still leads the pack with a total of 28 overall picks.  It was close this week—no one ran away with it, but in the end, the Georgie wins on a last second Hail Mary.  (The “Hail Mary” in your face: the replay official is with thee.  Blessed art thou in the no-huddle offense, and blessed is the 1st down marker!) 

So back to the Skins, with Week 3 in the books, it’s become painfully clear that RGIII is not the Messiah on Capitol Hill.  We Redskins fans have to remember there are nine other guys on the offence, but it takes a defensive village to raise the flag of victory (sorry, Hillary)!  So, I guess I’ll just have to sit back, calm down, and watch the Skins mature…(for another 20 years).  In the meantime, there’s always the NATIONALS.  Magic Number:  5!  J

So, this week’s results are: 

THIS WEEK’S RESULTS:                                                                       SCORES:
- George:           8 wins                                                             Seahawks: 13      Packers:  12
- Zeb:                  8 wins                                                             Cardinals: 27      Eagles: 6
- Aaron:             7 wins                                                             Falcons: 27           Chargers: 3
- Shelly:             7 wins                                                             Texans: 31            Broncos: 25
- Rick:                6 wins                                                             Bengals: 38           Redskins: 31
- Jim:                   6 wins                                                             Raiders: 34           Steelers: 31
- Brent:              6 wins                                                             Bears: 23               Rams: 6
- Robbie:           5 wins                                                             Bills: 24                  Browns: 14 
                                                                                                         Cowboys: 16         Bucs: 10
                         STANDINGS:                                                   Titans: 44               Lions: 41
   Weekly Wins                 Points                                         Jaguars: 22            Colts: 17
- Zeb:                  1            Zeb:             28                                Jets: 23                    Dolphins: 20
- Shelly:             1            Shelly:         26                                Vikings: 24            49ers: 13
- George:           1            Brent:          25                               Chiefs: 27               Saints: 24
- Robbie:           0            AA:               24                                Ravens: 31             Patriots: 30
- Aaron:             0            Rick:            24                                       
- Jim:                   0            Robbie:      23                                                      
- Rick:                 0            Jim:              23
- Brent:              0            George:       22

Time to get your picks in for next week (Week 4):

CLE/BAL          WAS/TB           CAR/ATL          NE/BUF            MIN/DET         SD/KC
SEA/STL           SF/NYJ              TEN/HOU        OAK/DEN        MIA/ARI           CIN/JAX
NO/GB               NYG/PHI          CHI/DAL (Monday)  



Zebster said...

Congrats, G, going out on the limb paid off. And you're doing an awesome job scorekeeping. We're expecting a blog about the Nats making the playoffs.

DC Homer said...

Thanks! Nats blog in the words; I just don't want to jinx them!

tpubgu said...

Congrats, Geo. You got your one for the season, LOL. SF

DC Homer said...

Rick: EXACTLY! That's precisely what I was thinking. Get my one win in early! (smile)

Don't forget your picks for this week!


DC Homer said...

Oh, one more thing. You'll notice that I listed the final score of the Pack/Hawks game as "13-12" that's because my screen kept showing that score (althought it didn't show it as "final"), but it was there for more than 20 mins, so I figured it was a glitch and that was the final score. I didn't realize until the next morning that the players had left the field and didn't kick the extra point! The refs had to scream at the coaches to get them back on the field. So, it wasn't for another 20 minutes that the score changed to "14-12!"