Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shelly Wins Week 2

CONGRATULATIONS to Shelly for being our BoSox Tavern NFL “Pick ‘Em” Week 2 Champion, with 10 wins, falling one short of Zeb’s Week 1.  Good Job, Shelly!  Hoooah!

With Week 2 in the books, here’s my opportunity to say:  “Welcome to the (real) NFL, Mr. RGIII!” (which does not mean “Rex Grossman, 3rd String).  My Skins absolutely, truly stunk up the joint in St. Louis.  Last week, I launched a mini-rant over how undisciplined the team appeared in their apparent “romp” over the Saints.  But this week was a different story.  Notwithstanding the very questionable (read: terrible) officiating, I can’t blame the game on the zebras.  I place the loss squarely on the shoulders of No. 15, Joshua Morgan who caught a short pass from RGIII that was just short of a first down, but likely enough for a 45-yard field goal to tie the game with about a minute left.  But Mr. Morgan got roughed up by the Rams safety and he took offense and threw the ball at him, causing a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, putting Cundiff outside of his range for a 62-yard FG.  Thank you, Mr. Morgan for your self-discipline.  Perhaps it’s me—I’m getting old and a lot more conservative, but I honestly believe professional athletes are acting less and less “professional” these days!  The entire game was plagued with fights and in-your-face beefs in this “Hey—cameraman, it’s all about me!” Narcissists Flamboyancy League (NFL).  I am amazed that people who are earning as much money as these guys are have no ability to control their emotions, or have the awareness of their surroundings to not fuck it up for everyone else as they pursue their selfish vanity.

Anyway, back to the “Pick ‘Em” league (I shouldn’t steal Shelly’s spotlight)…

THIS WEEK’S RESULTS:                                                        SCORES:
- Shelly:             10 wins                                            Packers: 23          Bears: 10
- Brent:              9 wins                                              Dolphins: 35        Raiders: 13
- Zeb:                  9 wins                                              Texans: 27            Jaguars: 7
- Robbie:           9 wins                                              Bills: 35                  Chiefs: 17
- Aaron:             8 wins                                              Bengals: 34           Browns: 27
- Jim:                   8 wins                                              Colts: 23                Vikings: 20
- Rick:                 8 wins                                              Eagles: 24             Ravens: 23
- George:           6 wins                                               Panthers: 35        Saints: 27
                                                                                        Cardinals: 20       Patriots: 18
                                                                                        Giants: 41             Buccaneers: 34
                                                                                        Rams: 31               Redskins: 28
                                                                                        Seahawks: 27       Cowboys: 7
                                                                                        Chargers: 38         Titans: 10
                                                                                        Steelers: 27           Jets: 10
                                                                                        49ers: 27               Lions: 19
                                                                                        Falcons: 27           Broncos: 21

Time to get your picks in for next week (Week 3):

NYG/CAR         SF/MIN             DET/TEN         CIN/WAS         TB/DAL            STL/CHI
BUF/CLE          NYJ/MIA           KC/NO               JAX/IND            ATL/SD             PHI/ARZ
HOU/DEN        PIT/OAK          NE/BAL            GB/SEA (Monday)


Zebster said...

Woo hoo, Shelly! Great rant, G!

Shel said...

Thanks!!! My picks for week 3:
Score of 45

Brent said...

Congrats Shelly. You have done real well picking the 1st two weeks.

I blame my loss on my pigheadedness. I should have taken my son's picks of the Packers and Falcons.

DC Homer said...

I blame my loss to stupidity! I keep figuring the "undergod" will win--and they never do! Next week, I'm going with all favs! :-)