Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking Ahead (and wishing I hadn't)

I receive updates from the Red Sox in my email from time to time, today being no exception. More often than not I don't bother with them since they're selling something or telling me something I already know but today's link was different in that it was touting the release of the 2013 (yes, 2013!) Red Sox regular season schedule
So click the link I did because, even though I think there are too many interleague games, I like it and am curious who'll be coming to town.  Don't get excited, boys and girls, there's nothing to get excited about.  Here's the teams from the National League that the Sox will be playing next year, in no particular order since they all suck:  The Padres (hey RJ, wanna come to Boston? LOL), the Diamondbacks and the Rockies.  The Astros are also on the schedule but I think they become an American League team next year -- yawn!  (Hey Brent, four-game series in Boston at the end of April!)
So other than the favorite teams of my two farthest away blog buddies coming to town, it's absolutely the worst set of teams possible.  And now that the Stros are in the AL, we supposedly have the benefit of a balanced schedule, which means the Red Sox will be playing a two-game series in COLORADO for their next to last series of next season.  Tell me please how that's balanced?  I guess it is in a world where a one-game playoff is balanced.


Anonymous said...

I know my team is such a draw on the road. All those low-scoring games because we have great pitching but can't hit the broad side of a barn from ten feet away. :-)

Look on the bright side. Anyone who can hit the ball over the Green Monster has a chance to hit a ball in Coors Canaveral that may enter orbit. That would be worth watching.

Brent said...

I would love to make that 4-game series but I graduate college in May and I don't think that it would be a good decision to be in Boston during that time.