Thursday, September 06, 2012

Top 10 College Football Predictions - Week 2

Last week, I underestimated some favorites and over estimated some underdogs.  It looks like another long year in Boulder for Colorado football.  I overestimated Mike Leach and the amount of work he has to do at Washington State.  And I still don't believe that South Carolina is a credible threat in the SEC.

1.  Auburn (+3) at Mississippi State - The Tigers should be able to beat the Bulldogs by double digits.  I don't understand this line.
          Auburn 31, Mississippi State 21
          Actual Score:  Mississippi State 28, Auburn 10.   LOSS

2.  East Carolina (+21.5) at South Carolina - Lattimore is back from his injury last year but QB Shaw for South Carolina has questions surrounding his arm and whether or not it is injured.
          South Carolina 35, East Carolina 20
          Actual Score:  South Carolina 48, East Carolina 10 .  LOSS

3.  Iowa State at Iowa (-5) - This pick is one of those that could go either way.  The history says that Iowa will win this one since it is in Iowa City.  However, the Hawkeyes did not look very good against Northern Illinois last week.
          Iowa 27, Iowa State 21
          Actual Score:  Iowa State 9, Iowa 6.   LOSS

4.  Florida (+1.5) at Texas A&M - There is lots of big talk coming from the Aggies camp about how well they are going to do their 1st year in the SEC.  Well, they start out with one of the heavyweights and the Gators aren't in a good mood.
         Florida 31, Texas A&M 28
         Actual Score: Florida 20, Texas A&M 17.  WIN

5.  South Florida at Nevada (-1) - The Wolfpack are looking good and having South Florida come across the nation for the game won't hurt either.
         Nevada 37, South Florida 28
         Actual Score:  South Florida 32, Nevada 31.   LOSS

6.  Wisconsin (-8) at Oregon State - Wisconsin is hoping to be in the National Title race, so they need to prove that they can control games against inferior opponents.  This is the 1st test.
          Wisconsin 45, Oregon State 27
          Actual Score:  Oregon State 10, Wisconsin 7.   LOSS

7.  New Mexico State at Ohio (-21) - The Bobcats can be undefeated this year.  The team is laden with Juniors and Seniors and beat Penn State last week.  The MAC favorites should have an easy time with New Mexico State.
          Ohio 38, New Mexico State 14
          Actual Score:  Ohio 51, New Mexico State 24.  WIN

8.  UTEP at Mississippi (-7) - Mike Price has a good job with UTEP but they are not a team that should be able to hang with an SEC team, even if it is Ole Miss.
          Mississippi 38, UTEP 24
          Actual Score:  Mississippi 24, UTEP 10.   WIN

9.  Georgia (-1.5) at Missouri - Remember when Georgia starts to run up the score about all the talk coming from Columbia about Georgia playing "Old Man Football".  Such talk from a underachieving program.
          Georgia 48, Missouri 28
          Actual Score:  Georgia 41, Missouri 20.   WIN

10.  Vanderbilt (-3.5) at Northwestern - Vandy came close to pulling the upset against South Carolina last week.  This week they play a less talented Northwestern team.  Coach Franklin's team should win on the road.
           Vanderbilt 24, Northwestern 19
           Actual Score:  Northwestern 23, Vanderbilt 13.  LOSS

Bonus Pick:

Oklahoma State (-11.5) at Arizona - Arizona is undergoing a change on top and shouldn't be able to put up too much of a fight against the Cowboys that are looking like the offense will still be able to score boatloads of points.
          Oklahoma State 49, Arizona 27
          Actual Score:  Arizona 59, Oklahoma State 38.  LOSS

Last Week Results:

Overall: 5-5
Road Favorite:  1-2
Road Underdog:  2-1
Home Favorite:  1-0
Home Underdog:  1-2

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