Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 College Football Predictions - Week 5

I am improving.  Even though it doesn't appear that I am by the record.  Another 4-7 week.  Another week of teams going up and down with their play.  But I am starting to figure out some teams that should continue to be better than most and I was picking teams that won, just not by enough.  So let's try this again.

1.  North Carolina State at Miami (-2).  NC State has been a disappointment in my eyes.  I thought that they could possibly challenge for the ACC title.  Well, another thing I was wrong about.  Miami finally had an offensive explosion last week.  I believe that they can do it again this week.
     Score:  Miami 37, North Carolina State 24
     Actual Score:  Miami 44, North Carolina State 37          WIN

2.  Missouri (+2) at Central Florida.  Another season of promise has gone south for Missouri.  They thought that they could challenge for the SEC East division.  Well, losses to Georgia and South Carolina have dashed those hopes.  But I think that the Tigers will rebound to defeat the Knights.
     Score:  Missouri 31, Central Florida 27
     Actual Score:  Missouri 21, Central Florida 16          WIN

3.  Minnesota (+6.5) at Iowa.  Another trainwreck of a season for the Hawkeyes.  Losing to Iowa State and a directional Michigan team doesn't make me happy.  Another loss to Minnesota will put me on the fire Ferentz bandwagon.  Minnesota has momentum and the knowledge that they can beat Iowa from last year.  Give me the Maroon Mob.
     Score:  Minnesota 25, Iowa 23
     Actual Score:  Iowa 31, Minnesota 13          LOSS

4.  Arkansas at Texas A&M (-13).  It looks like John L. Smith has lost this hogs team.  They have quit in two ballgames now.  I guess that we should have given Bobby Petrino a little more credit for being a good head coach.
     Score:  Texas A&M 44, Arkansas 17
     Actual Score:  Texas A&M 58, Arkansas 10          WIN

5.  Clemson (-7) at Boston College.  Let's get something out in the open.  These aren't your father's BC Eagles.  They aren't good.  Clemson on the other hand gave all the Florida State wanted last week.  I think that the Tigers are ready to show the world that they can hold the other team down in the 2nd half.
     Score:  Clemson 37, Boston College 16
     Actual Score:  Clemson 45, Boston College 31          WIN

6.  Ohio State at Michigan State (-2.5).  This is a tough one to decide on.  But I will go with the Heckyl and Jeckyl team in Michigan State.  They have looked tough and looked like they were disinterested in games so far this year.  I think they will be jacked for the Buckeyes.
     Score:  Michigan State 24, Ohio State 20
     Actual Score:  Ohio State 17, Michigan State 16          LOSS

7.  Wisconsin (+12) at Nebraska.  Wisconsin has looked bad.  It is tough to remember that they were ranked in the Top 10 during the preseason.  Anyways, the Cornhuskers should win this, but not in convincing fashion.  They aren't looking as dominant as everybody thought they would either.
     Score:  Nebraska 28, Wisconsin 17
     Actual Score:  Nebraska 30, Wisconsin 27          WIN

8.  Mississippi (+30) at Alabama.  There is no chance that Ole Miss wins this game.  We all know that.  But I expect the Rebels to play Alabama tougher than Arkansas did and they should be able to keep it within 30 points.
     Score:  Alabama 37, Mississippi 13
     Actual Score:  Alabama 33, Mississippi 14          WIN

9.  Oregon State (-2.5) at Arizona.  The Beavers are riding high and Mike Riley is safe in Corvallis again.  The Wildcats got blitzed by Oregon and come home licking their wounds.  Oregon State is no Oregon, but they should be able to continue winning here.
     Score:  Oregon State 35, Arizona 31
     Actual Score:  Oregon State 38, Arizona 35          WIN

10.  Oregon (-31.5) at Washington State.  A couple years down the line, this game will have 100 points and 1000 offensive yards between the two teams.  This year, Washington State isn't in the same calss as the Ducks on offense.  And the Oregon defense has been looking good.
     Score:  Oregon 45, Washington State 7
     Actual Score:  Oregon 51, Washington State 26          LOSS

Last Week Results:

Overall: 4-7
Road Favorite: 0-2
Road Underdog: 1-2
Home Favorite:  3-3
Home Underdog: 0-0

Yearly Record:

Overall: 16-26
Road Favorite: 3-9
Road Underdog: 5-6
Home Favorite:  7-8
Home Underdog: 1-3

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