Wednesday, October 02, 2013

NFL Pick 'Em: Week 4 Results

Who's Your Daddy? 

I accepted the task of keeping the weekly score of our NFL Pick 'Em Challenge, and I committed to providing a weekly post with each week's score, but because we started in the middle of government fiscal year-end throes, I couldn’t find the time to write my usual pithy words on the previous week's games.  Well, since my so-called "representatives" in Congress believe in their hearts that their argument to see who has the biggest dick is what the American people asked for, and since it's also in my best interests to put me out of work to salve our budget woes (while they keep their paychecks), it seems that I have time to write something--at least for this week.  I hope this doesn't become a habit!  :-(

Here are the results for Week 4:

  - Tom:  12
   -  Rick:  10
   -  Mike: 10
   -  AA: 9
   -  Zeb: 9
   -  BK: 8                                                                 
   -  RJ: 6
   -  George: 6

The overall 4-week standings:

   -  Mike:  40 wins
    -   Tom:  39 wins
    -   Zeb:  37 wins
    -   BK:  36 wins
    -   Rick:  35 wins
    -   AA:  34 wins
    -   George:  34 wins
    -   RJ:  33 wins

I'm not a sports prognosticator (as you can tell from my W-L record above), but notwithstanding the pure "suckyness" of the NFC Least (Washington, Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia), the rest of the League seems to have latched on to a degree of parity.  With some of the usual suspects still holding the high ground (New Orleans, New England, Indianapolis, Seattle), they are joined by a few upstarts (Detroit, Miami, and Kansas City).  Other perennial 1st-placers seem to need their "Geritol" (Green Bay, Baltimore, Pittsburg(h), Houston, and Atlanta). 

Did I mention the NFC Least?  No?  Good, because they SUCK! With the entire conference winning a total of just four games (that's "4" as in:  quatro, vier, quate, shi, ,quattro,  четыре), we'll let Dallas (2-2) believe they're just kicking some serious ass!!!

If I get my job back, I promise not to be so wordy in future posts, and will give you just the facts, ma'am, just the facts!


The Huntress aka R.J. said...

I hope you're not out of work long. I had no idea. :-(

The NFL Least is vicious this season. Skins fans made shivs out of those metal beer bottles (check out Deadspin). Eagles fans fought each other (YouTube). Last weekend, Cowboys and Chargers fans had a bottle busting time in the parking lot at the Q (YouTube)

Your move, Giants fans!

Zebster said...

Great job as always. You do it so much better than I (remember to keep track of weekly wins too though). Right now 4 people have one win.