Friday, October 04, 2013

Ruminating on Salty and baseball luck

I know this will fall on deaf ears to baseball fans of teams who've not yet found the ultimate baseball luck but it's hard to explain what coming as close as possible only to lose in the most heart breaking way over and over does to the psyche of a fan.  It is a different type of torture than the disappointment of never getting close. 
That aside, this is a little post I put on Facebook earlier while watching game one of the Sox/Rays series -- a little background first, I guess:  The Sox are down 0-2 and the offense is doing nothing.  The Sox have a runner on and Ortiz hits a ball to very deep left that Will Meyers is clearly calling for all the way, then inexplicably stops just as the ball lands behind him for a ground rule double.  The Sox go on to score five in the inning.  Jarod Saltalamachia drives in one with a double and scores later to get the Sox up 8-2.

"I've often thought to myself this baseball season, though haven't til now posted it, that Salty has been as clutch and valuable as any of the others who've gotten more credit.
On a second note: I guess I'm still an old Sox fan (expecting the worst). When Meyers misplayed that ball which led to 5 Red Sox runs, my emotions and thoughts were that there'd been a cosmic, as it were, makeup for that. When things like that happened to us, usually at the hands of the Yankees, you knew that was just the way it was and there'd be no change in fortune. Maybe eventually it'll sink in that our fortunes/luck has truly changed, as we're up 8-2."

So talk to me, baseball fans, about Salty and baseball luck.


Huntress said...

I'm conditioned to both the Leafs and the LA Galaxy choking away leads in the final minutes. Imagine my surprise when they hang on to win!

Brent said...

I'm just happy when my teams win a game or two.

Mavs - 1 year without playoffs
Astros - 8 seasons without playoffs
Bucs - 6 years without playoffs after this season
Canes - 4 years without playoffs

Anonymous said...

Besides being in the Red Sox psyche, it's also in the Mainer psyche. We get suspicious when things like the Sox and the weather go well, because we know we have to pay for it later. But it looks right now like the baseball gods are smiling on us ;)