Tuesday, October 08, 2013


DENVER vs. DALLAS:  What Defense??

In my humble opinion, a low scoring game is more of a tribute to a well-disciplined, focused team defense.  Of course,  this doesn't necessarily mean the offensive game plan was a poor one, but a well-focused defense will reign in even the best offense.  But when a team scores points in bunches, it's not as if every offensive play is like an IED to a defense, catching it off guard and exploding for score after score.  More likely than not, that "big run/catch/scoring play" is the result of a lapse (mistake) in the defensive scheme.

A "shoot out" (such as the Broncos' 51-48 win over the Giants), as opposed to a blowout (e.g., 49ers' 34-3 annihilation of the Texans), is merely a poorly played game and thoroughly indicts the defense, and makes meaningless the hundreds of yards gained by either offense--such yardage are hardly "earned."  And by "not earned," I mean it's like a 40-yard sprint footrace where the opponent slips and falls down at the starting blocks, and the winner crosses the finish line before his opponent can make 20 yards.  There was no competition--it wasn't a real race, so what was proven?  Nothing. 

The NFL (likewise for the NBA and the NHL) has created rules that handcuff the defense, and are designed specifically for high scoring events, because that's what they think we want to see--the 60-yard TD pass, the 50-yard run up the middle, the foot chase to the goal line.  I know up front that I'm on an island and few will share my opinion that shoot outs are not what the fans want, it's what the League and its sponsors want, and it's what fantasy players want.  An undefeated (5-0) team like Denver "allows" 48 points to be scored against it--in fact, they had to catch up and relied on an unlikely interception with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, bringing the game down to a last second field goal to win. 

Really?  I think that's just pitiful.

In the Denver game, both the Broncos' and Cowboys' defenses were equally and totally sorry.  Both teams' offense ripped through each other like the defense was standing still.  Defense wins championships.  Good defenses limit yards and points.  A lot of people want the excitement of high scoring shootouts in professional sports--tons of homers, bomb passes, 3-pointers, and blue line spinnerammas.   Well, not me, I appreciate a pitcher who can force a batter to hit into a DP, or a goalie with quick eye and defensemen who sacrifice the body.  Defense is the game in my view.  

51-48?  Great Jehovah, I hope we don't see too many more games like that.

RJ Wins Week 5 Pick 'Em:

  - RJ:  9 wins (winner by tie breaker – 47 pts)
  - Tom: 9 wins (tie – 35 pts)
  - Rick: 8 wins
  - BK: 7 wins
  - Zeb: 7 wins
  - AA: 7 wins
  - George:  6 wins
  - Mike:  4 wins

  - Wins:  (George, RJ, Tom, Zeb, BK)
  - Total Points:
     - Tom:  48
     - Mike:  44
     - Zeb:  44
     - BK:  43
     - Rick:  43
     - RJ:  42
     - AA:  41
     - George:  40

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Zebster said...

You are correct, sir. I hate fantasy sports and gambling doesn't help either.
Look at the parity of our league -- five different winners in five weeks.