Sunday, October 20, 2013

On to the 2013 World Series

The Boston Red Sox are going back to the World Series.  How remarkable is that after last season and the 2nd half collapse of 2011?  And how unreal was this series, where you could argue the Tigers outpitched the Sox but the Sox got the clutch hits and plays that give them just the tiniest edge.
I don't really have much to add but thanks to Shane Victorino, the Flying Hawaiian, for choosing the 7th inning tonight to break out of a 2 for 23 playoff with a grand slam to propel the Sox on to their third World Series since 2004.

And Koji Uehara is named the series MVP, capping it off by throwing nothing but strikes in the 9th inning tonight.  Do Shelly and I get any credit because we had Japanese food tonight?
In case some of you may not understand this: You know how these days every player has a theme song and they play a piece of it everytime they come to the plate. Well, this is Shane's and if you're at the Fenway, you hear the fans in unison sing the last piece "because every little thing will be alright." Way to go, Shano!
Worry? No. Why?

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Brent said...

Good luck to your Sox, Zeb. I know that I will not be watching.