Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Sox move on

Since it's a rule on the blog that an author has to write a piece when his team wins a playoff round and none of the other Sox fans have come forward, here goes.
It's hard during the playoffs to let yourself get too excited when your team wins an early playoff round because the next round the anxiety is ramped up even more.  It's obviously a relief as a fan of a division winner to not lose in the first round and be a one-and-done, especially at the hands of a division rival.  But it's easier than it used to be.  You've heard me talk about the fact that I still struggle with the fear of impending doom that every Sox fan was born and brought up with before 2004.  It's still there at times, especially when the Yankees are close by; but when they're nowhere to be seen, the late regular season and the playoffs are much more enjoyable.  We'll see how I do this Saturday with the start of the ALCS (and I'll have a surprise for you, so stay tuned.)

I've enjoyed this team thoroughly.  They remind me of the Bruins in ways, a bunch of grinders who truly love to play the game and enjoy each other and playing together.  Even though they had the best record, on paper this is not the best team in the league.  We'll see whether grind and chemistry can overcome better talent.  I've watched every game of this series (and some of the other series) but I've yet to see all of them to the end given the start times and the fact that I'm getting up at 5:30.  Have a feeling the next round though is going to cost me a lot of sleep.
Well, on to the next round; may the best team win and see you Saturday.
Please feel free to not only comment on the Sox, their series against the Ray or the upcoming ALCS but anything related to these playoffs.

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Anonymous said...

I too, have certainly enjoyed this team. Keep our fingers crossed. Mamajoan