Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 6 Pick 'Em results & Standings

First, congrats to Brent for winning this week:

- BK:  12 wins
- AARON:  11 wins
- ZEB:  11 wins
- RICK:  10 wins
- MIKE:  10 wins
- GEORGE:  7 wins
- ROBBIE:  7 wins
- TOM:  7 wins
And with that, we have the following standings after six weeks:
Brent now leads the weekly win category with two, followed by George, RJ, Tom and myself each with one.
Your overall correct picks so far:
- Total Points:    
     - Tom:  55
     - Zeb:  55
     - BK:  55
     - Mike:  54
     - Rick:  53
     - RJ:  49
     - AA:  52
     - George:  47
Boy, have things tightened up.  Don't forget to get at least your Thursday night pick in before kickoff tonight.
Anything stand out in any of the games you watched last weekend?  Did you see the ending of the Patriot/Saint game?  :)


Brent said...

The only thing I learned last week is that the Vikings are worried about the wrong thing. Josh Freeman isn't going to fix what ails them. The QB position isn't what is wrong

Huntress said...

Congrats BK!

Brent said...

Thanks. All I know is that at the end of the season I won't be on top.

Michael said...

Congrats Brent! Somehow after my terrible showing last week I am still in this thing.