Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NFL Picks Week 2

Holy Buckets, Batman!  I went 11-4-1 for week 1 of my picks.  San Fran, Dallas, and San Diego disappointed me as Road favorites.  Saints pushed against Minnesota.  And Denver came close against Jacksonville.  So Week 2 is upon us and injuries are starting to show in the lines of the games.

Buffalo at Green Bay (-13.5)  Pack will light up the scoreboard via Air Mail.

Pittsburgh (+5) at Tennessee  These games are usually nail biters.

Kansas City (+1) at Cleveland  Mike Holmgren needs to continue building the Browns via the draft.

Philadelphia (-4.5) at Detroit  I wouldn't be surprised if Detroit actually won the game.

Miami at Minnesota (-5.5)  AD and Farve will score points in this game.

Arizona at Atlanta (-7.5)  Has anybody seen Matt Ryan lately?

Baltimore at Cincinnati (+1)  Palmer and the boys should rebound after the debacle in New England

Chicago (+9) at Dallas  Julius Peppers, meet Tony Romo.

St. Louis (+3) at Oakland  The Black Hole should represent the entire Raiders organization.

Seattle at Denver (-3)  Seattle blows out San Fran.  Let down against the Broncos.

Jacksonville at San Diego (-8)  Maybe Rivers will fire up his teammates this week instead of the opponent.

New England (-2.5) at NY Jets  Revis and the Jets talk will come back to bite them this week.

Houston (-1.5) at Washington  Skins got lucky against inept Cowboys offense.  Not this week.

NY Giants at Indianapolis (-5)  Peyton losing 2 in a row?  Nope.

Tampa Bay at Carolina - No Line as of this blog post due to Matt Moore's unavailable status for the game.  I will take the team that is getting points, no matter who it is.

Update:  Tampa Bay (+3.5) at Carolina

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Zebster said...

Great job. I wouldn't have done that well w/out the spread involved.