Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Results Of NFL Picks: Week 3

This week was a great reminder of why I do not bet on football games.  We did not have a great week picking games this week.  6-10 record for the week.

Tennessee (+3) at NY Giants:  Win. 29-10.  The Tom Coughlin Watch Is On Yet Again.

Cleveland at Baltimore (-12):  Loss. 17-24.  How does Baltimore only score 24 points?

Dallas (+2.5) at Houston:  Win. 27-13.  Roy Williams showed up this game.  

Detroit (+13) at Minnesota:  Loss 10-24.  No calls going the Lions way this game.

Atlanta at New Orleans (-3.5):  Loss.  27-24 OT.  Garrett Hartley might have kicked himself off the Saints.

Pittsburgh (-1) at Tampa Bay:  Win.  38-13.  Who would have thunk that Charlie Batch would have a big game.

Cincinnati (-3) at Carolina:  Win.  20-7.  Winning ugly is the norm for the Bengals.

San Francisco (-1) at Kansas City:  Loss.  10-31.  49ers are the most overrated team going into this year.

Buffalo at New England (-15.5):  Loss.  30-38.  Pats defense makes everybody look good so far.

Philadelphia (-2.5) at Jacksonville:  Win.  28-3.  Jack Del Rio should have taken the USC job last offseason.

Washington (-3.5) at St. Louis:  Loss.  16-30.  I think I overestimated the 'Skins.

Oakland at Arizona (-4.5):  Loss.  23-24.  The Gradkowski way.  Keep your team close and lose in the final minutes.

San Diego (-5.5) at Seattle:  Loss.  20-27.  Looking like the Bolts are regressing this year.

Indianapolis (-5.5) at Denver:  Win.  27-13.  Year two of McDaniels in Denver is off to a rough start.

NY Jets at Miami (-1):  Loss.  31-23.  Jets are 2-0 in AFC East.

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago:  Loss.  17-20.  I know the Packers have green and yellow as their colors, but that doesn't mean you want yellow on the green grass as well.

Week 3 Breakdown:  Record:  6-10.  Favorites:  4-9.  Road Favorites:  4-4.  Home Favorites:  0-5.  Underdogs:  2-1.  Home Underdogs:  0-0.  Road Underdogs:  2-1.

Overall Record:  29-18-1.  Winning Percentage:  61.5%  Favorites:  17-16-1.  Road Favorites:  13-5-1.  Home Favorites:  4-11.  Underdogs:  12-2.  Road Underdogs:  3-1.  Home Underdogs:  9-1.

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