Wednesday, September 08, 2010

NFL season prognostications

Since I don't do fantasy anything, I thought it might be fun for us to put our picks on the record, more for bragging rights if someone gets lucky rather than being wrong, which we all probably will be.
Prognosticate as much as you'd like.  I'm going to go on record for playoff teams and the Super Bowl match-up and winner.
AFC East -- Patriots (maybe a homer pick but certainly not a stretch...fuck the Jets)
AFC North -- Ravens (sorry, G)
AFC South -- Colts
AFC West -- Chargers
Wild Cards -- Bengals and Texans
I'll just say Chargers and Colts in the conference final; and while I'll be pulling for the 'bolts, I suspect it'll be the Colts

NFC East -- Cowboys (booooo!)
NFC North -- Packers (you're welcome, Rick)
NFC South -- Saints
NFC West -- 49ers (doesn't that division suck)
Wild Cards -- Giants (double boooo!) and Vikings (I wanted to go with Atlanta but their D sucks)
Packers and Cowboys, I guess (who dat dissin' the Saints again?)

I really wanted to "give 'em what they want" but I'm not sure about the Cowboys. 
Colts over Packers in the Super Bowl.  (Steph, if you're smiling about this, I'll be questioning your loyalty)


Brent said...

My Pre-season Picks

AFC East - Toughest division to pick. I'll take the Miami Dolphins.
AFC North - Not sold on Flacco yet. Pittsburgh Steelers.
AFC South - Indianapolis Colts.
AFC West - San Diego Chargers.
Wildcards - Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans.
AFC Title Game - San Diego vs. Houston. Philip Rivers and the Bolts go to the Super Bowl the year after getting rid of LT. Who would of thunk it?

NFC East - Dallas Cowboys
NFC North - Green Bay Packers
NFC South - Atlanta Falcons
NFC West - Arizona Cardinals
NFC Wildcards - New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers.
NFC Title Game - Dallas and Green Bay. Pack roll in the title game winning by at least 2 TDs.

Super Bowl: San Diego 38 Green Bay 27

tpubgu said...

My pre-season picks

AFC East - Pats (hate to bet against 'em)
AFC North - Ravens (I think it is theirs to lose)
AFC South - Colts
AFC West - Chargers
Wildcards - Texans and Bengals
AFC Title Game - Colts v. Ravens. Ravens beat up Manning and he throws 4 interceptions in a close game.

NFC East - Cowboys (Overrated)
NFC North - Pack (Of course)
NFC South - Saints
NFC West - Niners (Only because someone has to win the division)
Wildcards - Vikes and Falcons
NFC Title Game - Pack v. Saints at Lambeau in January -- 'nuff said.

SB: Pack 38 Ravens 10

Aaron Rogers wins NFL MVP, SB MVP and gets his face on Wheaties. EA Sports puts him on Madden Football, and he breaks his leg riding his motorcycle and has inappropriate contact with college freshmen.

R.J. said...

Time for my preseason picks, which I guarantee will generate lots of laughter by December.

AFC North -- Ravens
AFC South -- Colts
AFC West -- Raiders (Victor Jackson & Marcus McNeill will be missed by the Chargers)
Wild Cards -- Bengals and Texans
AFC Championship: Colts & Bengals with the Bengals winning this year.

NFC East -- Racial Slurs (I mean Redskins)
NFC North -- Vikings
NFC South -- Saints
NFC West -- 49ers
Wild Cards -- Packers and Cowboys
NFC Championship: Saints and Vikings with the Saints winning again

Super Bowl: Saints over Bengals.