Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Results Of NFL Picks Through Week 2

Week 1 I went 11-4-1.  This week, I did just as well.

Buffalo at Green Bay (-13.5)  Bills 7, Packers 34.  Win.  Is there any hope for some offense in Buffalo?

Pittsburgh (+5) at Tennessee  Steelers 19, Titans 11.  Win.  Who needs Big Ben?

Kansas City (+1) at Cleveland  Chiefs 16, Browns 14.  Win.  Will Mangini be the 1st Head Coach to be released this year?

Philadelphia (-4.5) at Detroit  Eagles 35, Lions 32.  Loss.  Ignore the Eagles QB controversy.  Their defense isn't as good as years past.

Miami at Minnesota (-5.5)  Dolphins 14, Vikings 10.  Loss.  If you are the Vikings, why are you saying that your offensive line is going really well?

Arizona at Atlanta (-7.5)  Cardinals 7, Falcons 41.  Win.  Falcons play Saints next week for control of NFC South.

Baltimore at Cincinnati (+1)  Ravens 10, Bengals 15.  Win.  Flacco and 4 INTs cause loss.

Chicago (+9) at Dallas  Bears 27, Cowboys 20.  Win.  So far, so good for Lovie and Martz.  No so for Phillips and Garrett.

St. Louis (+3) at Oakland  Rams 14, Raiders 16.  Win.  Another quarterback controversy in Oakland?  Who will win: Al Davis or Tom Cable?

Seattle at Denver (-3)  Seahawks 14, Broncos 31.  Win.  Sad story out of Denver about 2nd Year receiver committing suicide on Monday.

Jacksonville at San Diego (-8)  Jaguars 13, Chargers 38.  Win.  Chargers need the holdouts to ensure a Super Bowl run.  

New England (-2.5) at NY Jets  Patriots 14, Jets 28.  Loss.  Now we get to hear all about how the Jets are great yet again.

Houston (-1.5) at Washington  Texans 30, Redskins 27 (OT).  Win.  Offense, Offense, Offense.  That is the Texans mantra, apparently.

NY Giants at Indianapolis (-5)  Giants 14, Colts 38.  Win.  Colts still have a high octane offense that will power them through.

Tampa Bay at Carolina - Update:  Tampa Bay (+3.5) at Carolina  Buccaneers 20, Panthers 7.  Win.  Bucs defense starting to look good again.

New Orleans (-4.5) at San Francisco.  Saints 25, 49ers 22.  Loss.  Reports of 49ers ascendancy greatly exaggerated.

Week 2 stats:  12 Wins  4 Losses.  Taking Favorites:  6-4.  Favorites At Home:  5-1.  Favorites On The Road:  1-3.  Taking Underdogs:  6-0.  Home Underdogs:  1-0.  Road Underdogs:  5-0.

Overall:  23 Wins  8 Losses 1 Tie.

So far, I believe that I am doing OK.  I am hoping to bring up the overall record to over 80% Wins by the end of the season.  Now if I were actually betting on these spreads...


R.J. said...

Cable will win the QB controversy in Oakland. Winning cures everything and that's all Gradkowski knows how to do.

Zebster said...

That's a better % than people who get paid to do it. Great job, Brent.
The Jets are very good, especially on the lines; but the Pats made them look great.