Thursday, September 23, 2010

NFL Picks Week 3

Tennessee (+3) at NY Giants:  The Benching of Young will motivate him.

Cleveland at Baltimore (-12):  I hate taking double digit favorites, but with the Browns, I'll make the exception.

Dallas (+2.5) at Houston:  I smell an upset here.  Big D might actually run the ball this game.

Detroit (+13) at Minnesota:  I would take the Lions even up.  I see an 0-3 start for the Vikings.

Atlanta at New Orleans (-3.5):  Brees has to start becoming hot one of these games.

Pittsburgh (-1) at Tampa Bay:  Take the under for this game.

Cincinnati (-3) at Carolina:  Welcome Jimmy Clausen.  Hopefully you will impress your next coaching staff.

San Francisco (-1) at Kansas City:  Samurai Mike needs to get his team a win.

Buffalo at New England (-15.5):  Quarterback change won't work in Carolina.  Why expect different results here?

Philadelphia (-2.5) at Jacksonville:  Vick the starter.  Jacksonville defense better have track shoes on.

Washington (-3.5) at St. Louis:  Another long year for the Rams.

Oakland at Arizona (-4.5):  Heckyl and Jeckyl teams.  Let's give Derek Anderson the benefit of the doubt in this game.

San Diego (-5.5) at Seattle:  The Vincent Jackson sideshow won't distract the Bolts that much.

Indianapolis (-5.5) at Denver:  Look for another big game from the Colts running game.

NY Jets at Miami (-1):  This game could go either way to me.

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago:  The only thing that scares me with this pick is Julius Peppers.


R.J. said...

Never bet against Bruce Gradkowski. He's the starting QB now. Go Raiders!

Brent said...

Bet against Gradkowski. He was the starter for my Bucs and stunk up the joint. Don't see him doing that well for the Raiders.