Monday, June 13, 2011

Dwayne Wade Apparently Isn't A Clutch Leader

Remember this blast from the past?

"Dirk said that they gave us the championship last year," Wade said Thursday. "But he's the reason they lost the championship because he wasn't the leader he's supposed to be in the closing moments."

Dirk was being nice when he said that the Mavericks gave you the title in 2006.  It was the officials and your acting.  So let's come forward to 2011.  The Heat have Batman (Wade) and Robin (James).  You have Nightwing (Bosh), in keeping with the DC references.  Guess who's the leader of this team?  Wade.  The reason that the Heat lost the championship if we use Wade's thought process is that he wasn't the leader that he was supposed to be in the final minutes.  So this is a nice thought for us Mavericks fans who in 2006 were robbed of a championship because of so many bad calls that went Wade's way.  And for that small little pr*** to call out the other team's best player as not being the leader that he was supposed to be, karma is a great thing. 

Dwayne, you and your leadership suck.  In 2006, it was Shaq and Mourning that kept the Heat from losing.  In 2011, we see that you cannot lead a more talented team to the championship.  Where was the leadership that you supposedly have come the 4th Quarter in Game 6?  Hell, LeBron outplayed you in that quarter.  Your team quit with about 4 minutes left.  That is one thing that the 2006 Mavs didn't do.  They fought until the final buzzer.  That is the true definition of a leader.  In the face of insurmountable odds, the leader's teammates fight until the end.  Your teammates didn't fight until the end.  And that is a reflection on you and the type of leader that you are.


Zebster said...

Well said again and that childish coughing stunt knocks him down further on the respect scale.
On a different topic: It could be argued (and this is not a dis on the Mavs in any way) that the Mavs winning this year is as big of an upset as any in the history of the league. Compare that roster, their history, their regular season standings to any other past champion and I don't think you'll find a less-likely champ, which is a credit to them as a team and the way they played.

Brent said...

I have no problem with people thinking that this squad pulled upset after upset to become champs. However, if you look at the talent that was on this squad, you'd find people that were labeled as busts because they couldn't be that #1 guy on the roster that they were though of by their previous teams.

And if you look ahead at next year, if the Mavs can resign Marion, Chandler, and Barea, there is no reason that they can't be in the mix yet again to fight for that championship.

Guards: Beaubois, Kidd, Terry, Barea, Jones
Forwards: Nowitzki, Marion, Butler, Cardinal
Centers: Chandler, Haywood, Mahimni

Goodbyes to Stojakovic, Stevenson, and Brewer.

That is one player that played significant minutes in the Finals that Dallas will let leave as a free agent. They have already said who they want to retain. Cuban blasted a post that Mahimni, Chandler, and Nowitzki have declared their intentions on returning next year instead of wanting free agency. And having your backup PG and Starting Small Forward coming back from injuries might be enough for this team not to become complacent.