Monday, June 06, 2011

Game 3 rant (part 2)

I preface this by saying that going into this series, were it not the Bruins who were playing Vancouver, I would've loved to see them win for their fans and the city.  Not anymore, I'm learning to hate this team that really mirrors the Canadiens.  I do respect Kessler though.
It's bad enough that Burroughs bites Bergeron, is not suspended and scores 2 goals in game 2 but then Lapierre is running around trying to get Bergeron to bite his fingers and taunting, which is typical Lapierre...bush league at its best.

  • "Marchand, you pesky little bastard, where have you been?! Gooooaaaal!
  • now they need to keep the emotion up and pressure on, and not start playing tight again.
  • He's Pedroia on skates. (referring to Marchand)  He's a rookie who no one expected much from.
  •  I can't believe they called that penalty a double minor. I didn't see any blood and the stick was under the chin.
  •  What I was saying earlier: Listen to the announcers comment on the missed penalties by the Canucks but they don't miss Boston's
  • See what I mean: Sedin after getting put on his ass on a clean hit that he initiated, grabs his face trying to get a penalty, then grabs Ferenze from behind like he's tough
  •  I understand what you're saying but in hockey a high stick is a high stick. The double minor is only supposed to be called when it draws blood, which it couldn't have being under his chin instead of in his chops, unless the ref didn't see where the stick hit and the Canuck bit his lip
  • The Bruins have been great on defense but I can't count how many bad giveaways they've had also.
  • I understand what the refs are doing throwing Thornton out but that goes back to what I've been saying...why not throw out Lapierre and Boroughs for taunting, etc. What's the real difference. Doesn't matter, the Bruins have 5 more guys who can kick their ass.
  •  Run your mouth, Burroughs, you know you wouldn't throw down with Lucic. Man, I wish this were a regular season game, we'd be seeing a real melee when this is over, kinda like the Dallas game earlier in the year when they came in and tried to be tough with the Bruins and ended up getting beat by a bunch of goals and lost several really bad fights
  • You know, at this point with the Bruins down 2 games to 1, Tim Thomas is the series MVP
  •  Awesome guys, but can we save a couple of goals for the next game?! LOL
  • Final score:  Bruins-8 Canucks-1"


Robyn said...

I still can't believe how many goals the Bruins scored on LOLongo. I mean Luongo. I can't blame him for all of them, though. It looked like Toronto's 09-10 defense showed up after the fifth goal was scored.

Brent said...

Bruins are still down 2-1. And if they do get any chippier, then you have no room to talk about what the Canucks are pulling.

Bruins fans need to stop whining about Burrows and the bite. Because the Bruins should have had Horton suspended for Game 7 against the Lightning for spraying water and throwing the water bottle into the stands. Precedence in the playoffs had been suspension for spraying water into the stands. Horton didn't get it and scored the only goal in ECF Game 7.

Zebster said...

The fans' reaction to the Canucks' bush league antics has nothing to do with whether the Bruins are chippy. You can pull the exception to the rule to make your point but it doesn't fly with me. Take a poll of players and fans league wide, and they'll tell you who's a chippy team and who's not. Flopping and taunting and drawing fake penalties, then not dropping the gloves is chippy. The Bruins play old school physical and when they go over the line, they get called for it. Did you watch the game last night?

Brent said...

I did. And it amused me that Claude Julian comes out before Game 3 and says that the antics and little gamesmanship will not be tolerated and that his players know that. So what happens, Lucic takes his glove off and sticks it in Burrow's face. And to say that Marc Recchi wasn't up to some of the antics that he did in Philadelphia is a laugher. I don't have a horse in this race, but if the Bruins want to play the way the Canucks play, then call them both chippy and bush league.

And what was with Thomas giving a nasty cross-check to Sedin? If Thomas is going to met out punishment that way, I would expect the officials to turn a blind eye to possible goalie interference once in a while.

Zebster said...

A goalie can't check a player who has possession of the puck? You're right, the players didn't listen to Julian and they repeated some of the BS the Canucks started, though I don't think you can blame them if they're not allowed to handle it the way they should be able to handle it and the refs lose control of the game. If this had been a regular season game, you wouldn't have seen that nonsense because there would've been a price to pay.