Thursday, June 16, 2011

Way To Embarrass Youselves, Vancouver

I had a flashback to 1994 when the fine people of Vancouver decided to destroy their city when their hockey team couldn't pull out Game 7 of a Stanley Cup Final.  It appears that the rioters of 1994 didn't teach others the folly of what they did.

Just because you had the most talented team in the finals doesn't mean that you had the best team in the finals.  Both times that the 'Nucks lost Game 7, they had the best talent but the talent didn't form a better team than the Rangers or Bruins.  Time to take a look at yourselves up there in Vancouver and ask yourselves if embarrassing yourselves twice over your hockey team not being able to win the biggest game of the season is worth it all.  There is tens of Millions of dollars of damage.  There is over 100 people arrested.  There are hundreds hurt.  Tell me that this is worth it. 

The game of hockey is just that a game.  It is disrespect that you are showing the game and your team when you decide to destroy the city that you live in.  Think that the fans in Boston would do this?  Hell no they wouldn't.  They would be upset if their team lost the finals, but they would be proud of their team and proud of their city.  The best team in the NHL during the playoffs won the Stanley Cup.  Deal with it in ways that doesn't destroy the city you idiots.  Get drunk and sleep it off.  Call the Sports talk shows and say what the Canucks need to do in order to win next year.  Have animal sex with your significant other.  Do something that doesn't involve becoming a criminal.  Have to start calling you Montreal West because of the fans.


Robyn said...

I love the Montreal West name. Not only that but the people I know from Detroit are laughing because now it's a different city that's going to get a bad rap for rioting now.

Brent said...


I would love to take credit for the Montreal West name, but it came from Zeb during one of our discussions on the board during this Stanley Cup Finals.

Zebster said...

I can't take credit for the term either, probably got it from Mike Felger or your favorite Bruins play-by-play guy.
There have been numerous letters written by Canucks fans to Boston papers apologizing for what happened after the game. My take is that people had this in mind to loot before the game was ever played. So while it's still awful and obviously there are hooligans in Vancouver, I don't think it was sparked by the fans because of that loss. And to be fair, there have been problems in Boston after BC and BU championships but nothing on that scale.

Brent said...

The only thing I would have taken from jackass Jack was the Montreal rant and modified it to satirize the Bruins after Game 2 of the Finals.

I didn't know the person who is Mike Felger until I googled him. Didn't get Montreal West from him.