Friday, June 10, 2011

To Hell With The Heat and The Media

Zeb wondered why I wasn't doing a NBA Finals recap since my favorite team is in the Finals and are winning 3-2.  Right now, anything that I do say will be biased and extremely one way of looking at things.  But now, since the Heat have shown themselves to be lowlife scum, specifically LeBron and Wade, I really don't care about what it looks like about what I write.

First off, the Big 3 are nothing but whiners.  Watch the first 5 games in this series.  They are constantly whining and talking to the refs.  Hell, even the implicit media who wants the Heat to be the main story no matter what, are saying that the Heat are off their game because the Refs are not calling the fouls that they usually get.  Listen to the talking heads over at the Mothership at ESPN.  LeBron was fouled on a drive and Wade was showing his toughness in coming back in Game 5.  That is the reason that the Heat lost Game 5.  I call **&$#@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every team in the finals has to overcome injuries and the refs aren't sitting there saying I wonder what would happen if I threw the game like Tim Donahey did. I don't hear every day about how Dallas's Third star of their Big 3 is out for the season, Caron Butler.  Imagine your best defender that would be responsible for guarding LeJerk or DeWhiner over the series actually playing.  The Heat would be sitting in South Beach crying to the media about how unfair the finals were called by the refs and how it's not fair that Dallas got all the calls.  They will be doing this next week, but you would have it already.  Bosh whines as well, but isn't the big baby like the other 2.

Next, let's put the media out there for some of the blame.  Bruins fans know about this one this year.  In the Stanley Cup Finals, it is all about Vancouver.  The Sedins, Luongo, Burrows, Kessler.  The same thing about the NBA Finals.  It is all about Pat Riley, LeJerk, DeWhiner, Bosh.  Read the stories about the NBA Finals.  Let's look at the Headlines from Pro Basketball Talk:

Video:  LeBron, Wade mock sick Dirk...It's not a big deal

History Says That Miami has a real chance to win this

LeBron James was good, but we expect more of him

NBA Playoffs:  Miami's defense lets them down

NBA Finals:  Dallas tops Miami in an outlier, but what of it?

So let's examine the headlines.  It isn't a big deal that the main stars of the Heat make fun of an opponent playing sick and beating them.  Apparently, it wasn't a big deal when LeJerk was sick during Game 2 of the Chicago series.  But yet, we had updates every 5 minutes from Rachel Nichols of ESPN about how well he is feeling.  History says that the winner of Game 5 in a 2-2 series wins over 73% of the series.  But history says that Miami has a real chance.  LeJerk should be able to play better than this.  Well, maybe, just maybe, history says that Dallas has figured out LeJerk and plays good defense on him.  Every game this year against Dallas, LeJerk has scored no more than 25 points.  So instead of asking what LeJerk is doing wrong, let's flip it around and ask what Dallas is doing right.  Miami's defense isn't great.  Watch the 2 Heat wins this series.  The Mavericks guards couldn't hit the bottom of the basket when they were wide open.  Game 5 was a fluke, apparently.  After all, an outlier is thrown out of finding averages and trends.  I submit that this wasn't an outlier.  This is the way that Dallas wants to play and they have finally started to get the tempo of the game that they want to play.

I am hoping that this series is over with Game 6.  Because I want retribution from 2006 with DeWhiner getting more Free Throws over the past 4 games than the Mavericks did as a team.  You want conspiracy theories, that is one you should investigate.  Because game after game, you could see DeWhiner flop time and time again and getting the calls.  The Mavericks were the better team that year.  This year, the Heat aren't getting as many fouls called on their opponent.  And as for the flopping that the Heat are doing like a fish out of water, Dallas will play the same way if that is the way you want to play it.  And if you are a Heat apologist, I don't want to hear about how the calls are falling.  Take a look at the Marion break away with a minute and a half left in Game 5.  LeJerk didn't touch the ball, he hacked the crap out of Marion and the refs are like, I can't find my whistle, and I don't know where to look. 

And as a final shot at the Media in this fiasco of crowning the Heat kings even now, you had Jason Whitlock after Game 3 saying that the Heat were playing around with the Mavericks.  Even now, he hasn't come out and said that he was wrong in dismissing the Mavs.  He is now claiming that the media is too much for the King.  Well, stop sucking his **!#$ and he won't have so much pressure.  Over on ESPN, you have had Michael Wilbon championing the Heat since the beginning of the playoffs.  I am tired of people in the media having their own prejudices in their so called neutral stories.  When you are an analyst on ABC for the Finals, it shouldn't always be about one team.  There is another side of the story.  Maybe Michael Wilbon will come to figure that out after this series.  But working with Tony Kornheiser might prevent that from becoming reality.  Learn that even if the suits back in Corporate Headquarters think that the 37th story about LeJerk in a week will bring readers or viewers, there is a smaller but yet growing fanbase of teams that aren't in the major 4 Media Markets that the National perspective think every sport revolves around.  I say to hell with the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics right now.  They are all sitting at home, but yet there has been just as much coverage about the Lakers and all their disfunction and the Knicks GM job, and the Celtics changes as there has been about the Mavericks and their team of veterans that have banded together to overcome the bad taste of defeats in the past.  Where are the stories about Marion's struggles in Phoenix?  How about Tyson Chandler and his route throughout the NBA?  How about Rick Carlisle and all those times he came up short in the East?  Go to hell, mainstream media and maybe while you are there, you can attend journalism school again and learn something.


Robyn said...

I couldn't watch the video. It will only confirm what I already know: LBJ is a narcissistic jerk and DWade is his enabler.

I would love to see Chris Bosh cry at center court when the Mavs win. Really. I would.

Zebster said...

Nice rant, Brent! I agree that for the most part the perspective has been Heat good or Heat bad, depending on whether they win, as opposed to Mavs good or bad. At some point we should be hearing how great a story it is that the underdog is winning. That sells too. I've been lucky, the media perspectives and coverage has never bothered me.

Brent said...

It usually doesn't with me, but this year I am tired of so-called journalists like Whitlock and Wilbon saying that they are neutral all the while being outright partisan in who they want to win.