Monday, June 06, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals game 3 rant

Below are quotes from my Facebook wall during the first period of game 3, resultant from more LaPierre punkery and the Rome hit on Horton.  What you don't see are comments and questions by others that prompted some of my comments.  Enjoy.

  • "I love Chara but he shouldn't be allowed to skate with the puck.
  • Now we'll see whether the NHL grows some balls and suspends this Canuck.
  • and we need to score a couple goals on this PP.
  • put the fucking puck in the net, you guys, for Christ's sake.
  • I'm just disgusted. The Bruins have allowed this punk of a team to get in their heads. The goalie is very good but he hasn't met a real good shot this whole series. And if this were a regular season game, there'd be Canucks laying all over the ice because no team deserves an ass kicking more than this bunch and that includes the Canadiens.
  • You have one team that's always in the right place, always knows what to do and it's not the Bruins
  • That's why it looks like there's always more Canucks than Bruins on the ice and that they have magnets on their sticks
  • This reminds me of the Montreal series except against a better team. The Bruins can't play the game they're best at because they've been screwed by refs who fall for all the diving and other fakery. So I think they're just out of sync, especially on offense. And then punks like LaPierre have gotten under their skin because that pussy never drops the gloves but he gets to taunt and poke and slash with impugnity.
  • The other thing is this: If just one of Boston's snipers were on a roll right now, this whole series would look very different. They've had chances to bury pucks and haven't done it.
  • If you've been watching these games, which I think you have, you should be getting a clear picture of why the Canucks are the most hated team in the league, right along with the Canadiens. The fans and other players hate the way they play.
  • Mike Milbury did a good job of being fair and biting his tongue during the intermission. As arguably the meanest and nastiest Bruin ever, I have a good idea what he wanted to say."
NOTE:  I was having so much fun, I decided to keep going.  I need to get you guys on FB for stuff like this.  Keep in mind that all of the above occurs in the first period before any goals were scored.  Part 2 is during the second and third periods.

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