Saturday, June 11, 2011

This Is A Credit To Mark Cuban And The Mavericks Team

I Wish Santa's Helpers Looked Like This When I Was Young
Not her.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  This piece of news:

Despite the fact that Game 6 of the NBA Finals is taking place in Miami at the American Airlines Arena on Sunday night, that doesn’t mean there won't be a sea of blue supporters in downtown Dallas, cheering on the Mavericks.

On Friday, the Mavericks put 18,000 tickets on sale for a party Sunday at the American Airlines Center, where fans can watch the Mavs in their attempt to close out the Miami Heat and win their first NBA championship.

The tickets, priced at $5, sold out in an hour, according to The Dallas Morning News.

That is $90,000 folks.  And where is that money going?  Not into Mark Cuban's pockets.

But don’t think of this as a quick cash-grab by the Mavericks. The net proceeds from the ticket sales will go toward the Mavericks Foundation, which assists young people through programs stressing education, good health and skills necessary for their future success. 

The Dallas fans are supporting a team that we all know hasn't had the best success in the playoffs.  It is a credit to those fans that they support this team through all the disappointments.  That is unlike some cities that won't support their teams even when they are perennial playoff qualifying temas (Atlanta).


Zebster said...

Good stuff. Cuban can get on my nerves too sometimes but you couldn't ask for a better owner of your team.

Brent said...

Cuban can get on everybody's nerves, just ask Dirk.