Monday, September 23, 2013

John Scott Tried To Fight Phil Kessel?

Target Practice 092213Yeah, this sums up my reaction to the third-period brawl in tonight’s Sabres-Leafs game. 10 for 10 shooting since shots landing on the line count for the higher score.

The brawl started when Sabres enforcer John Scott tried to fight Phil Kessel. Kessel swung his stick at Scott a couple of times to defend himself before the rest of the Leafs tried to jump Scott at center ice. After everyone paired off (not sure), Kessel bloodied some Sabres player I’ve never heard of, Jonathan Bernier and Ryan Miller had a goalie fight, and David Clarkson will likely get a non-paid vacation for leaving the bench to join the brawl.

In summary, the Leafs are in regular season form already. *laughs*

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