Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Gut

Maybe it was just a tummy ache.  My gut brings me some pretty good upsets but then again, sometimes it's wrong and then other times I have to wonder "Where were you with that upset?"

Early into the second half of today's early games my gut has had mixed results, resulting in the need to start to write a blog challenge post.  When the Bengals went up 14-0 on the Pack, my gut looked like a genius.  I haven't watched the game but this is the game that was probably just an upset stomach, since the Pack has roared back in this one. (as Brady throws an end zone interception with a chance to put Brent's Bucs away...still leading 17-3)
My gut obviously was taking a nap when it came to what might well be the two biggest upsets of the weekend, although probably no one else picked these either.  Where were you, gut, regarding the Ravens vs Texans and especially the BLEEPING Carolina Panthers with a three-score, shutout lead over the NY Football Giants?
The last game that involved my gut was G's Redskins, where the score is currently 17-17 in the 3rd period.  Fair to say to this point your boys have played better than you expected, G?

So now that the Pack is up 31-14, it appears obvious I need to eat crow.  My stomach's not gonna like that one bit.  Obviously the vaunted Bengal defense is not so vaunted or no match for Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense.
The Patriots did not look good at all early in their match with Brent's Bucs but the Bucs couldn't or didn't fully capitalize on the fact that early on their offense moved the ball down the field at least four times on the Pats defense, only to come away with 3 points.  Not really gonna brag here because I rarely do anyway and my Pats are far from world beaters at this point.  I will say that the Bucs are a better team than their record but what does that really mean?  Look at their personnel and how well they play in stretches.  Is it coaching or the intangible leadership?
The Carolina Panthers are shutting out the Giants 31 zip.  Wouldn't you love it if your gut told you that one and you trusted it enough to bet the bank at Vegas on that one?!
Why haven't I mentioned any details of these games?  Because I've been watching the Pats, Sox and the Cup race at NH. 
My gut is always wrong regarding the Chargers, ALWAYS.  Looks like G was right, at least that his team would lose.  Next week's MY-TEAM-IS-WORSE-THAN-YOURS BOWL between G's Skins and RJ's Raiders should be interesting or at least the week leading up to it listening to them proclaim their team is worse.  So are you both going to pick your team to lose this game, even though it's a blog challenge involving your teams?
I'm not sure what the moral is in the end but I do know this:  Rick, you owe us a crow-eating.  Bengals-34 Packers-30.  Don't ignore your gut completely.


Brent said...

Sitting here listening to Vikings fanline. People are pointing fingers at each other on the team. The purple might implode after the loss to the Browns.

Huntress aka R.J. said...

The Skins and the Raiders play each other next week? Oh boy...

I can't believe the Giants got stomped today, but I totally believe the Chargers lost. I don't call them the Chokers for nothing. That's two games they came from ahead to lose.

tpubgu said...

Unbelievable game to watch. Back and forth, then Packers injuries started taking their toll.

DC Homer said...

Z - no, the Skins played exactly as expected (by me)--pitifully! I saw some semblance of the "old" (if that's an appropriate word to use for 2nd year player) RGIII when, in the 2nd quarter, to avoid the sack (which would have been a crushing (literally) sack), Robert Christ rolls right and just as he's about to be hit out of bounds, he tosses the ball down field....for an interception! (sheesh!) We were so agog over RGIII last year that we didn't pay attention to that stat--his intereptions thrown to avoid the sack, in which he had 5!

His FFLF (face-first slide/fumble) was an indication (to me) that he's still concerned about his knee--he didn't want to do a legs-first baseball slide (where if he fumbled, it'd have been down by rule) because that would have exposed his knee/leg to a possible hit.

But I'm not blaming RGIII for the Washington woes. Fire the Shannahans? Fire the OC? Nah, they're not the one's missing the tackles, throwing the interceptions, fumbling the ball, dropping the TD catches, letting the receivers get behind them. They should fire some of the players. Washington's defense SUCKS, just like it sucked last year. Don't get fooled by last year's 7-game miracle (against a sorry NFC Least) in the 2nd half, RGIII's antics and the slash offense (that was producing an average of 29 pts/gm) took everyone's mind off the defense, but they were playing just a sorry as they are now! Fact...(look it up).

No, Z, they are not playing better this year, they're playing worse!!