Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yaz gets a statue (and other baseball thoughts)

Firstly, if you haven't heard -- and if you're not a Red Sox fan, you may not have -- the Red Sox will be unveiling a Carl Yastrzemski statue outside Fenway Park before season's end.  He was this author's boyhood idol

I know it's hard to tell in this picture because of the backstop but that's yours truly at the age of 11 or 12 (good god, 1973ish).  It just so happened that my team's uniform had red socks but that's a patented Yaz stance, closed and bat held high.  Yes, I did wear #8, played left field, threw right and hit lefty.  Next time I'm at Fenway there will be a picture taken of me with that statue.  Can't wait.

The Red Sox have had an incredible season thus far and over the last few weeks it would be hard to argue against them playing like the best team in baseball, and to add extra sweetness they've taken 6 out of 7 games from the Yankees in the last couple of weeks -- games the Yanks badly needed.  I worry they've peaked too soon and anything can happen in the playoffs but I'm excited and optimistic.  But even if they hadn't played this well, this is a Red Sox team we all can love and get behind, a team with seemingly no unbearable egos, a bunch of grinders who love to play...the baseball version of gym rats.  We love this team.

A couple of other tidbits:  The Tampa Bay Rays need a new home.  After several years of very good and competitive teams, a few trips to the playoffs and one World Series visit, the best this team can draw in the middle of a pennant race is 10,000 people against another playoff contender.  I know there really aren't any major baseball markets left but they need to go somewhere else.  Mexico City?

I heard what I have to think is an unreal stat on the radio today, although I did hear it on ESPN.  Apparently the Astros had a game this weekend where they only had ONE THOUSAND television viewers.  I'm not sure how they could ever know exactly how many people are watching but that's just pathetic.


mamajoan said...

Great on the Yaz statue and we certainly do love this current Sox team. I guess Florida and Texas don't deserve Major League Baseball

Brent said...

For Tampa and Miami, those teams need to move. The snowbirds still follow their old teams from the north. Besides, The Trop just needs to be blown up.

As for the Astros, when your major league team might be competitive in Double-A, do you fault the fans from not watching the team on TV?

In the next 3 years, I will visit that Yaz statue and that will be a memorable moment for me and my son.

Huntress aka R.J. said...

The Yaz statue is long overdue. Glad one is finally going up.

Move the Panthers out of Florida along with the baseball teams. Did you see how many people attended yesterday's game? I think the first preseason game was meant for the maintenance workers only.

Zebster said...

Brent, can't believe that number is real, just passing it on. No, I can't blame the fans but you'd think with a population as big as Houston's baseball fans would come out because they love coming to the ballpark and watching baseball.
If you come to Fenway, I want to know.

Brent said...

Next year, I am planning a trip with my son to hit Chicago for a Cubs game at least, Milwaukee for a chance to see Bernie the Brewer, and Minnesota to see Target field.

I am waiting for my son to get a little older to go East. Would like to go out there for a week and take in some of the history there and visit the 4 states that I need to say that I have set foot in all 50 states.