Friday, November 26, 2010

The Hurricanes are still the Bruins' daddy

Nothing's changed since the playoffs where the Canes came back on the Bruins after being down 3-zip.  As of the writing of this piece, the Canes are 3-3 on the power play.  If you'd like to watch a game that defines the thought that hockey can be the most aggravating sport at times, it's this one.  One team's goalie stands on his head while his team is being outplayed, yet they take advantage of their opportunities on the power play to win a game they had no business winning.  Only in hockey.  I think the 'Canes scored 3 power play goals on 4 shots.

Much props to Cam Ward, who was outstanding in this game and is no slouch at all between the pipes. So standing on his head comes as no surprise, getting his first shutout of the season in this game.  And no team is better than the Hurricanes at holding a lead, which usually comes down to great goaltending and smart play with the puck.  So congrats to the Hurricanes for winning a game where they didn't play well or at least as well as the opposition, on the road no less.  That's a sign of a good team.  Repeat after me:  Special teams and goaltending, special teams and goaltending...
By the way, congrats to Mark Recchi on scoring his 1500th point the other night.


Brent said...


You deserve props on that piece. It wasn't necessary just because the Canes stole a game from the Bruins. You should write these posts when it is clear that the opposing team is better than your own. Sort of like anybody against the Maple Leafs.

But I digress. The Bruins are a good team and should be able to win the Northeast. That is unless Ryan Miller starts doing his headstands again this year. A bit worried about the losing record at home though.

Zebster said...

Hey, a challege is a challenge. I'll get my revenge, I hope, because we have one on who ends up with a higher playoff seed.
RJ's gonna have something to say about that Leafs comment. LOL

Brent said...

Yeah, I know. But for someone who was bragging about the Leafs hot start, I haven't seen the bragging continue as they slide down the Eastern Conference standings.

Anyways, we know that the Leafs have been picked out of the playoff race by anybody who knows anything about hockey. It's not like they have had a good team the past 3 years and should have been in the Finals like the Bruins have. I have given Brian Burke props for building the Leafs back up in a respectable mode. Now if the offense was more potent, then the Leafs would be in that playoff chase.

Zebster said...

The two best teams in the conference are the Penguins and Caps. I think the B's have done well with what they have, except for an epic collapse last year. I like their depth and grit but they still don't have that top 10 player who controls the game.

R.J. said...

Yeah, I've been quiet. Eight losses in a row will do that to anybody. Guilty as charged.