Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 10 NFL Predictions and Week 9 Results

Week 10 Games

Baltimore at Atlanta (-1):  The Atlanta running game is better.  The Ravens defense is better.  Even matchup between the teams.  I'll take the home team.

Detroit at Buffalo (-2.5):  I don't trust Drew Stanton to play well for Detroit.  And even if Shaun Hill plays for the Lions, I don't think that he will finish the game.

NY Jets (-3) at Cleveland:  The difference in this game is Marc Sanchez and Colt McCoy doing against the respective defenses.  I favor Sanchez.

Houston (+1) at Jacksonville:  Schaub-Johnson is better than Garrard-Sims-Walker.  Both defenses are porous against the pass.  I'll take the Texans to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Carolina at Tampa Bay (-7.5):  Do you take a team that has Jimmy Clausen and Mike Goodson staring in the backfield to stay close at the final gun?  I don't think so.

Minnesota (E) at Chicago:  The only reason that I'm taking the Vikings is the talent level between the 2 teams.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis (-8.5):  Peyton Manning and the Colts are marching yet again into the playoffs.  The Bengals are as bad as the T.Ocho show.

Tennessee (-2) at Miami:  Good move in starting Chad Pennington, but I still don't see Miami winning.

Kansas City (-1) at Denver:  I expect the Chiefs to run, run, run, and run some more vs. the Broncos.  The Broncos won't be able to score enough with their offense sitting on the sidelines.

Dallas at NY Giants (-15.5):  The Cowboys train wreck cannot be turned around in 1 week.  And I don't think that Jason Garrett is the answer.

Seattle at Arizona (-3):  At 3-5, the Cardinals are in the drivers seat in the West.  They play Seattle, San Fran, St. Louis, Carolina, and Denver yet this season.  If they go 4-1 in those games, they have a major shot at winning the division.  It starts here.

St. Louis at San Francisco (-6):  Ugly game here.  Rams can't win on the road and cannot throw downfield.  The 49ers have won 2 games lately and are looking halfway decent.  I'll take the home team and the team starting to win.

New England (+4.5) at Pittsburgh:  Brady and Belichick are smarting after losing big against the Browns.  The Steelers have injuries on the offensive line and are coming off an emotional win vs. the Bengals.  Look for the Pats to roll inot Pittsburgh and come out with a win.

Philadelphia (-3) at Washington:  The reign of Mike Shanahan is causing many people to wonder if he has lost something since his Super Bowl winning teams.  Meanwhile, Andy Reid is pushing all the right buttons for the Eagles.

Record For Week 9:

Overall:  7-6  Win Pct:  53.8%  Favorites:  5-3.  Road Favorites:  3-3.  Home Favorites:  2-0. Underdogs:  2-3.  Road Underdogs:  2-1  Home Underdogs:  0-2.

Overall Record:  68-58-3.  Winning Percentage:  53.9%  Favorites:  43-44-2.  Road Favorites:  24-15-2.  Home Favorites:  19-29.  Underdogs:  26-14-1.  Road Underdogs:  14-11-1.  Home Underdogs:  12-3.  

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Zebster said...

I hope you're right about the Pats. I had a bad feeling about last weekend but didn't have the guts to stick my neck out and say it. Gonna go see the Black Bears beat up on Northeastern tomorrow night, so expect a game report.